5 Best Night Vision Binoculars

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For those who love to hunt or observe nature at night, finding the best night vision binoculars is likely a top priority. With night vision binoculars, you will be able to see at night or in low light; Even in the darkest settings, you won’t miss a thing.

While many binoculars on the market can be used at night, we feel that the best set for your money is the Creative XP Digital Night Vision binoculars. They will work well in low light or no light conditions.

Night vision binoculars should be used only at night, so if you need a set for daylight conditions, check out our Top 5 Hunting Binoculars under $300.

Product Reviews For The 5 Best Night Vision Binoculars







1000 foot viewing range


Night Owl Pro Nexgen

5x magnification


Bestguarder NV-900

Viewing distance up to 1400 feet


Nightfox 100V Widescreen

Widescreen viewing monitor



Has both day and night time functions


1. CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars

CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars for 100% Darkness

Get the best optics in 100% darkness with the Creative XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars to help you see clearly without ambient light. These high-tech night vision binoculars feature a No-Glow infrared illuminator.

This illuminator will allow you to see animals in pitch dark with a focus that captures crisp, clear photos. Perfect for spotting wildlife activity at night and for hunting coyotes and troublesome feral hogs.

The Creative XP has been designed with efficient digital IR night vision binoculars. Even if it is pitch dark, you will be able to capture clear photos and videos.

You will be able to save everything on the memory 32GB card and show them to friends and family.

The Creative XP has rugged housing but is comfortable to hold. The 2.31″ TFT viewing screen lets you see photos instantly, and the multi-coated 25mm objective gives crystal-clear viewing.

The Creative XP comes with a protective case, phone card reader, neck strap, 32GB SD card, cleaning cloth, USB cable, and a user’s manual. You will, however, need to supply 6 AA batteries.

Key Features:

  • 1000 foot viewing range
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • 3X optical zoom

2. Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular

Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular

Offering the highest magnification night binoculars available, Night Owl Optics’ 5-power is an advanced generation-1 binocular. Night Owl is a brand known for manufacturing superior quality products.

The Pro Nexgen Night Vision binoculars are made from all-glass optics for their objective and ocular lenses. A central focusing wheel allows for quick and easy focusing of both objective lenses simultaneously.

Night Owl’s proprietary interocular hinge guarantees that both optical channels are always centered precisely over each eye. The viewing range is 75 – 125 years, and a field of view at about 15 degrees or 53 feet at a distance of 200 feet.

The battery life on the Night Owl is an impressive 40 to 80 hours, depending on your use of the IR illuminator. The Night Owl is impact-resistant and has a matte rubberized finish that gives you a good grip and won’t slip easily from your hands.

Key Features:

  • 5x magnification
  • Built-in infrared illuminator
  • Adjustable focus with a central focusing mechanism

3. Bestguarder NV-900 Night Vision Binoculars

Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binocular

Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binocular

With a built-in 2″ TFT screen that converts to a large 4″ view with the convex lens, the Bestguarder Digital night vision binoculars are an excellent option for mid-range priced optics.

They work well in day and night situations because of the ⅓ CMOS vs. image intensifier tube and 850NM 3W IR illuminator. These binoculars can record both audio, video, or still images.

With a simple switch on the side, you can select the model you would like to operate in. The 4.5 magnification provides clear pictures.

The observing distance is up to 1300 feet, and the 1-5x zoom feature gives you a closer view.

Key Features:

  • 4″ wide viewing screen
  • Viewing distance up to 1400 feet
  • 5x digital zoom

4. Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular

Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular with Zoom

The Nightfox 100 is a digital night vision device that is especially easy to use. While they are similar to normal night vision monoculars, the Nightfox has a large widescreen viewing monitor for use with both eyes.

A bonus for eyeglass wearers, you can use the comfortable eyepiece without having to remove your glasses. A high frames-per-second sensor and the video monitor displays crisp, seamless footage that is not straining on the eyes.

With the Nightfox’s digital sensor, you will find that it is highly sensitive to ambient light at dusk and dawn to pick up images easily.

If you need extra illumination, there are seven levels of IR illumination that can be used in various light conditions.

Three simple operating buttons and a focus wheel make these infrared night vision binoculars a breeze to use.

Key Features:

  • Widescreen viewing monitor
  • 3x magnification and 2x digital zoom
  • Viewing range of 110 yards

5. SOLOMARK 7x31mm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars

The Solomark Digital Night Vision monocular has a high sensitivity sensor, an integrated color LCD screen, and an IR LED illuminator. You will be able to observe your target in complete darkness.

True-to-life detail will be reflected in your photos and videos. The Solomark binoculars work in low light conditions, too. It is easy to display images and videos on television and transfer files to a computer to share with family and friends.

The hand-held viewing system utilizes an infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor and fully multi-coated optics that increase light transmission and decrease glare.

Perfect for hunting, fishing, birdwatching, or any outdoor adventure.

Key Features:

  • Has both day and night time functions
  • Color LCD screen
  • It can be mounted on a tripod

Buying Guide For Night Vision Binoculars

When looking for the best pair of night vision binoculars that will suit your needs, keep these things in mind:


What will you be using the night vision binoculars for? Will you be hunting, birdwatching, or taking pictures and videos?

Choose the model that will best suit how you will use them and the light conditions you will be in.


Some night vision devices will magnify; others will not. It may seem like having magnification is desirable, but when using a night vision device, the more magnification, the dimmer and more unclear an image will become. Typically, if you choose magnification, 5x or below is best.

Weather Resistant

By design, most people will be using their night vision binoculars when they are out of doors. If this is the case, it will be essential to have a set that can stand up to those conditions.

Weather-resistant and waterproof are two different things. Prepare for being out in rain and fog with a set of binoculars that will stand up to those conditions.


There are three categories of generations for night vision gear. Choose the generation that will fit how you will use the binoculars.

The Difference Between Generations Of Night Vision

Night vision gear is divided into generations. This classification encompasses performance, image quality, lifespan, and price.

Night vision generations refer to the image intensifier tube (IIT) inside the night vision device.

This tube amplifies the available ambient light conditions by speeding up the electrons of the incoming lights.

The term “generations” was initially developed for military use to standardize equipment specifications across militaries. There are Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 classifications.

Gen 1 Night Vision

Generation 1 night vision devices (NVD) are the oldest of night vision technology. A Gen 1 device does not have a global standard like Gen 2 and Gen 3, which means the quality of the tube can vary from device to device.

They are best suited for short-range observation in half moon conditions. Expect to see imperfections within the tube in the form of black dots when you look through the device.

In lower light conditions, an infrared illuminator may be required to get a clear picture. A Gen 1 tube will give you about 1,000 hours of use during its lifetime.

Gen 2 Night Vision

Gen 2 NVD’s are better in both quality and life expectancy. A Gen 2 is rated to give between 2,500 and 5,000 hours. That would translate to over nine years if you used your night vision device every day of the year for one and a half hours each day.

Gen 2 tubes can produce a clearer and brighter image because of the micro-channel plate (MCP). This offers a greater range and better quality of images.

Gen 2 NVD’s offer differing tubes, so it is important to know what quality the set of binoculars offers.

Gen 3 Night Vision

Gen 3 NVD’s are the highest civilian grade night vision. This means that they are also the most expensive, but also the best equipment on the market.

Gen 3 life expectancy is between 7,500 and 10,000 hours of tube life. A quality Gen 3 will give the user an exceptionally clear, crisp, and bright image.

In Conclusion

If you will be hunting, surveying, or observing wildlife at night, it only makes sense to have a set of night vision binoculars that will do the job right.

A good set of night vision binoculars will help you achieve your objective easily when choosing the right set for your needs.


What is night vision?

Night vision is a special device inside an optic (an image intensifier tube) that gathers ambient light through the optic lens. The light will pass through other electronics within the device onto a screen with an eyepiece.

How far will you be able to see with night vision binoculars?

There are many variables, including the power of the binoculars, the size of the object you are looking at, and the range. The brighter the night, the farther you will be able to see. It also depends on the generation of the binoculars how far you will be able to see.

What is an IR illuminator?

An IR illuminator is, for lack of a better description, an invisible flashlight. Under extremely dark conditions, there might not be enough ambient light for an NVD to operate correctly. An IR illuminator will produce a beam that can only be seen through a night vision device. This gives the NVD the light needed to show your target in low or no light conditions.

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