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Best Scope for a 22 Magnum Rifle
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There are scopes that function well either as a hunting scope or a target one. But in general, hunters and target shooters may have different preferences when it comes to choosing the best scope for a 22 magnum rifle.

For years there were a lever, slide, and bolt action rifles chambered for the .22 Magnum ammo, but very few semiautos. That is because the .22 Magnum cartridges operate at pressures above those deemed safe for straightforward blowback actions (the type of action used for all semiautomatic .22 LR rifles).

The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire is very powerful .22 caliber ammunition generating more energy at 100 yards than a .22 LR does at the muzzle.

For sure, the .22 Magnum is capable of reach out and touch something up to less than centerfire ranges. But remember that the flat-shooting .22 Magnum ammunition can be zeroed to strike +0.6″ at 100 yards when launched from a rifle with mounted scope, and will give a point-blank range of about 125 yards.

While .22 WMR could be chambered in everything from survival rifles to dedicated varmint guns, most.22 Magnum rifles are target guns.

Therefore, no matter how you use your .22 Magnum rifle, good optics gives you an enhanced experience in using your .22 mag for your regular shooting activities.

Although we are supporters of thinking that you should spend as much on the glass as on the rifle, for a rimfire, we still believe that a decent scope can be acquired for about a hundred bucks or so. We recommend to you the  “best 3 pin bow sight”

Ideally, the best .22 Magnum rifle scopes will be calibrated for the cartridge itself, but there is no reason to limit you to riflescopes that already have bullet drop compensation reticles for the .22 Mag.

Researching the current market, we have come across a plethora of options but choose the top ten candidates considering they were a good match as they are all the 22 Magnum style riflescopes.


Magnification & OL




Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×40 Riflescopes


Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

34.1-12.6 feet/100 yards

Nikon Black X1000 x-MOA Reticle Spotting Scopes, 4-16x50SF


x-MOA Reticle

@ 100 yds 6.8 – 27.2 ft @ 100 yds

Vortex Optics PST-2105 Viper PST Gen II 2-10×32 FFP EBR-4 MRAD



58.3-11.7 feet/100 yards

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, 3.5-14×40


BDC reticle

7.2 – 28.6 ft @ 100 yds

Bushnell Elite 4500 2.5-10×40 Multi-X Scope 452104


Multi-X or DOA 600 CF

41.5/[email protected] / 10.8/3.6@10x(ft@100yds/m@100m)

Simmons 22 Mag  TruPlex Riflescope


Truplex Reticle

31.4/10.5(ft. @ 100 yds)

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Riflescope


BDC reticles

28.6-7.2(ft @100yds)

UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope



23 ft to 5.8 ft (@100yds)

Barska AO Hot Magnum Riflescope


30/30 reticles

26.7/8.93x, 7.4/2.512x(ft100yds/m100m)

Pinty  Illuminated Rangefinder Rifle Scope


Rangefinder Reticle


Our Picks


Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×40 Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9x40 Riflescopes-min

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

The lightweight, Crossfire 3-9×40 is bestselling dual use riflescope ideal for hunting or tactical operations at close to medium range. This simple hunting scope has 3-9x magnification with generous eye relief ranging from 4.4″ at 3x to 3.8 inches at 9x zoom power for the easiest target acquisition.

This classic 3-9x scope is built from a solid block of sturdy 6061 aluminum for ruggedness and rigidity. Vortex Crossfire II is securely housing its optical system in 1″ standard tube diameter for most American riflescopes.

At length of 12 inches, Crossfire II is compact riflescope, very appropriate for the .22 caliber firearms and particularly one of best scopes for the .22 Magnum rifles.


  • lightbulb-oThat rugged single-piece tube is nitrogen purgedto be fogproof, and O-ring sealed for 100% waterproof performance.
  • lightbulb-oThe new Crossfire glass system is equipped with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all glass surfaces delivering fantastic light transmission.
  • lightbulb-oThe Crossfire II utilizes capped windage and elevation turrets less susceptible to accidental impact damage, and that can be fast reset to zero for highly repeatable shots.
  • lightbulb-oThe turrets are tactical-style numbered in 1/4 MOA adjustment graduation. Also, the adjustable objective assures image focus, clear picture and parallax removal on all magnification ranges.
  • lightbulb-oOur model features Dead-Hold BDC reticle located in Second Focal Plane, equipped with subtensions utilized for holdover,estimating range, and wind drift correction.

  However, we have found on the web a few drawbacks referring to this simple and straightforward scope. We would single out concern on reliability and Vortex manufacturing quality in that low-priced lineup.

  While the manufacturer advertises that lenses are locked in place, and the scope is shockproof, some owners claim it cannot withstand the force of more powerful calibers.

Maybe the Crossfire II 3x9x40 is on the lower spectrum of Vortex scopes but it will no doubt continue to outperform every scope in its class. As a “starter” scope for your target/hunting rimfire.22 Magnum rifle, updated Crossfire II features better performance than top-of-the-line riflescopes of just a few years ago.

Nikon Black X1000 x-MOA Reticle Spotting Scopes, 4-16x50SF

Nikon Black X1000 x-MOA Reticle Spotting Scopes, 4-16x50SF-min

Score: 4.5  Andrew Garfield

With a Nikon BLACK riflescope series and their competent four-time zoom optical system, we came out to the new category of dedicated optics with scopes engineered for both close-to-intermediate-range targeting engagement and precision long-range shooting.

The optical performance and versatility of a Nikon BLACK X1000 Riflescope depends directly on a huge 30mm main body tubehousing specialized reticles and offering plenty of windage and elevation adjustments for long-range dialing.


  • lightbulb-oThe one-piece scope body is machined from a sturdy aluminum alloy and gives a secure housing to the fully multicoated lens system with anti-reflective coatings for consistently bright and high contrast sighting at all zoom powers.
  • lightbulb-oThe BLACK X1000 is available with a choice of x-Moa, or x-Mrad glass-etched reticles placed in the riflescope’s second focal plane. Both of them have an illuminated option and can be used to estimate target size, distance, or to make holdover corrections for elevation and wind-drift at certain magnification.
  • lightbulb-oAs a benefit, these tactical-style reticles can be utilized to virtually any style of shooting regardless of ballistic performance orcaliber.
  • lightbulb-oThe Nikon 4-16x50SF packs a lot of features such as exposed tactical turrets with spring-loaded instant zero-reset matched by 1/4 MOA click graduations and a knob-mounted side focus Parallax adjustment.

  The eye relief range is varying somewhat from 4″ at 4x to humble 3.6 inches at 16x magnification.

  The other small gripe refers to the turret marks that do not align with the corresponding hashmarks on the scope body.

Compared to previously mention .22 Magnum riflescopes, BLACK X1000 is a little bigger and beefier than you would expect, but it delivers high-quality design and materials for a very fair price.

Although some would consider 4-16x50mm as an “overkill” for a rimfire platform even in powerful .22 Magnum caliber, Nikon Black X1000 represents an extraordinary tool for avid rimfire hunters and advanced shooters.

Vortex Optics PST-2105 Viper PST Gen II 2-10×32 FFP EBR-4 MRAD

Vortex Optics PST-2105 Viper PST Gen II 2-10x32 FFP EBR-4 MRAD-min

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

The most of gun audience knows that riflescopes for this American company are manufactured overseas: China, Philippines or Japan, depending on the product line.

The Viper PST line is Philippine-made scopes and one step down in quality from the company`s flagship Razor HD riflescopes, which are top of the Vortex Optics line-up and absolutely world-class.

The Viper PST scopes are competing in the toughest market segment with more features than most of the competitor’s options yet sells in at a retailer price under the $1,000 mark.

As its PST abbreviation says, these Precision Shooting Tactical riflescopes are designed for precision shooting and tactical applications. The standard features of Viper PST II generation scopes are 30mm main tube, FFP (front focal plane) reticle and exposed turrets with click values that match the reticles.


  • lightbulb-oThe PST II models are one of a very few first focal plane reticle scopes in this price range featuring various illuminated crosshair setting that allow you to adapt the reticle’s visibility according to the lighting in your environment.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope boasts EBR-4 MRAD glass-etched reticle with three medium posts (modified German 4 style) containing a system of MRAD compensation and ranging markings. The illumination rheostat is relocated to the side focus adjustment dial, and the knob clicks feel much like what you will find on its older, big brother, the Razor HD.
  • lightbulb-oOther PST II improvements are the tactical-style turrets, which are more prominent with a more travel and big 10 mils per turn (25 MOA).
  • lightbulb-oThe adjustment knobs have a new zero stop mechanism, which is heavily borrowed from the Vortex Razor line and this, is a substitute for the shim technique that the Gen I PST utilized.
  • lightbulb-oThe adjustment knobs have a new zero stop mechanism, which is heavily borrowed from the Vortex Razor line and this, is a substitute for the shim technique that the Gen I PST utilized.
  • lightbulb-oThis handsome optic is built around a durable one-piece 30mm tube, machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and argon-filled for a fogproof and water performance.

  Some reviewers make complaints on the windage turret`s hash marks that do not line up with the single hash below or on some wiggle on the magnification ring. However, the main drawback upon our thought would be on weight because PST II with 26.3 oz. is heavier almost 8 ounces than the original the Gen 1 scope.

Viper PST 2-10x scope delivers awider 5x zoom range in a pretty small package matched by a 32mm objective lens, making this optics perfect for a precision .22 Magnum rifles. The 2-10x magnification with its relatively compact layout is the perfect balance between profile and power ideally suited for the handy rifles.

Whether you are hunting or engaging in tactical missions, glass clarity, and brightness, even with a 32mm objective is perfect for low-light situations as well as a bright mid-day sun.

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, 3.5-14×40

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, 3.5-14x40-min

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

As an average gun enthusiast, you probably know Nikon comes with three primary sub-brands-the flagship Monarch line and more economical choice of Buckmasters and Prostaff series.

While the Monarch scopes price ranges well above 1,000 dollars, the Nikon Prostaff offer is just as extensive as in the Monarch line, but with prices up to about $600.

For the money, Nikon Prostaff 5 riflescopes are loaded with features like a quick-focus eyepiece, zero-reset turrets and Nikon patented BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticle.

With a scope weight of 17.2 oz. and its 13.6 inches length the Prostaff 5 features mid-level magnification, making it an excellent addition to the small or medium rifle, including AR 15s.

Since the Nikon ProStaff is not rated for powerful chamberings, it’s perfect for the .22 caliber centerfires and of course for the .22 Magnum rimfire rifles, giving confidence to hunters to make any long range or ethical shots sure.


  • lightbulb-oThe Nikon Prostaff 5 is compact riflescope constructed from lightweight 1” aluminum tube, which is nitrogen filled and o ring sealed to make the optic completely waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.
  • lightbulb-oThis scope comes with renowned BDC reticle equipped with multiple ballistic circles built into the bottom, vertical crosswire. The Nikon BDC reticle offers you a great advantage when it comes to long-range shooting and it is optimized for use with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology.
  • lightbulb-oNikon PROSTAFF 5 comes with fully multi-coated optics that provide images that are crystal clear with optimum light transmission and light gathering ability.
  • lightbulb-oThe Prostaff design enables easy ¼- MOA windage and elevation adjustments with spring-loaded, zero-reset knobs and a handy quick-focus eyepiece.
  • lightbulb-oAnother neat feature that PROSTAFF 3.5-14x comes with is consistent and very generous four inches of eye relief, and a wide field of view to hold you on quarry even when shooting through the thick timber and brush.

  The Nikon ProStaff does have a few negatives; primarily the BDC circles for holdover are too thick and large for accurate shooting. Other downsides refer to soft scope finish and cheap plastic turret caps.

The Nikon ProStaff comes with a 4x zoom ratio making it the ideal scope for close quarters to long-range shooting. As an excellent optic for the money, this Nikon device is the right choice for plinkers and hunters who can appreciate its optical quality and performance.

Bushnell Elite 4500 2.5-10×40 Multi-X Scope 452104

Bushnell Elite 4500 2.5-10x40 Multi-X Scope 452104

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

Bushnell has been in the weapon scope market for a quite a while, and before you, the generations of sportsman have given confidence to their optics that are known for all weather and shockproof durability and are very affordable to most hunters.

With so many “Elite” models, it can be confusing to find a scope with the exact features you want, but Bushnell generally appears and operates much the same from the old Elite 3500 line through the Elite 4200 to this.


  • lightbulb-oThe Bushnell Elite 4500 line are variable zoom scopes with a magnification ratio of 4 (2.5-10x, 4-16x, 6-24x, and 8-32x).
  • lightbulb-oThe Bushnell Elite 4500 2.5-10×40 features rugged aluminum, one-piece, argon purged 1-inch tube design that provides excellent protection to the scope’s precision parts and components.
  • lightbulb-oThe particular 452104 model has a fixed parallax that is set at 100 yards and second focal plane (SFP) reticle.
  • lightbulb-oThe Bushnell Elite 4500 does not have an illuminated reticle, but the so-called Multi-X Scope crosshairs, which features very plain-Jane “duplex” type reticle with very fine lines. For additional $20, you can get a 452104B model with the DOA 600 CF reticle.
  • lightbulb-oThe Bushnell is fully multi-coated optics utilizes Ultra Wide Band Coatings on lenses that deliver 94% light transmission for extreme low-light performance, even at the maximum 10-x magnification.
  • lightbulb-oMoreover, the Elite line sports unique RainGuard HD lens anti-fog coatings to reduce blurring caused by precipitation enabling the hunter to shoot in the rain, snow, or shine.

Although the Bushnell Elite 4500 family has Magnum recoil-proof construction, its eye relief distance is a rather short at 3″, so you have to pay attention to proper cheek weld when setting this up

Otherwise, Bushnell Elite 4500 2.5-10×40 features precision adjustments with audible and resettable ¼ MOA per click. Featuring pronounced power indicator in the form of grooves on the zoom ring, you have information of magnification without removing your eye from the scope or the rifle from your shoulder.

With a magnification range of 2.5-10x and 40mm bell, Bushnell Elite 4500 offers excellent versatility in the more compact package than previous series making it ideal for big game hunting.

Certainly, this Bushnell’s mid-price range riflescope can meet your shooting requirements, but weighing 16 oz. can feel heavy during long days in the field.

Like 3-9x riflescopes, the Bushnell Elite 4500 with 2.5-10x range magnification belongs to a universal group of hunting scopes, probably the most ideal optics for hunting in North America.

Undoubtedly, the low magnification capabilities provide the hunter with a wider field of view so he can quickly acquire the moving game, but 40mm objective indeed cannot offer the clarity and brightness you need to fill your tag in those critical first and last minutes of daylight.

Simmons 22 Mag 3-9 x 32mm TruPlex Riflescope

Simmons 22 Mag 3-9 x 32mm TruPlex Riflescope

Score: 4.2  Andrew Garfield

Since 1983, Simmons Optics has been developing high-quality but affordable products that are essential for hunting and other outdoor activities. One of these products is TruPlex with an item model number 511022.

The Simmons 22 Mag TruPlex Riflescope is among the highly recommended .22 magnum rifle scopes for those who are on a budget. The parallax setting for the scope is 50 yards.

Featuring a matte finish, the Simmons 22 Mag TruPlex Riflescope is shockproof, fogproof and waterproof. Along with Trueplex reticle, this riflescope features 4-inch eye relief and 4 x 32mm magnification and objective and comes with a complete set of mounting rings.


  • lightbulb-oThis riflescope only weighs 86 oz. and it has one-piece tube construction. Along with its light weight, this increases durability and strength as it makes handling even lighter.
  • lightbulb-oIt has SureGrip rubber surfaces. This makes adjusting precise and easy for you whatever the shooting condition is even if you are wearing gloves.
  • lightbulb-oIt has a Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece and its optical glass is of high quality and is fully coated. Having plenty of eye relief, you can quickly acquire targets, as the optical glass gives you high contrast and bright and sharp images.
  • lightbulb-oIt sports a matte finish and the lens has HydroSheild lens coating. The finish gives you secure camouflage from brush, deep woods and everywhere while the unique lens coating gives you a clear sight picture consistently whatever the weather condition is.
  • lightbulb-oIt measures 15.3 x 3.1 x 3.2 inches and its tube diameter is 1 inch. This will work on a Ruger 10/22 as long as you have the right mounting base.


  • checkThis riflescope is lightweight and it is neither too big nor too bulky.
  • checkIt is attractive and affordable.
  • checkIts eyepiece is adjusted to effectively accommodate your vision.
  • checkIts built quality is robust.
  • checkIt is durable and it can last for years. 


  • exclamation-triangleThis riflescope is not for guns that are very powerful and have big kickbacks.
  • exclamation-triangleThe generous eye relief is ideal for low-powered magnum-level dangerous game recoil but it may be too much for a rimfire rifle as it tends to produce a small image.

The Simmons 22 Mag TruPlex Riflescope is affordable, attractive, lightweight, durable and waterproof. It simply gets the job done.

This is a hunting essential, especially in cold weather. However, it is not recommended for very powerful guns.

UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope

UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope

Score: 4.2  Andrew Garfield

If you are a varmint hunter, the URG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope is for you. It comes with several high-end features but you must be willing to spend money on it because this is not for those who are on budget.

You can go hunting under whatever light condition with this scope. It features 36 different illumination and color modes, a 1-inch tube, a 1 CR2032 3V lithium battery, 2 hex wrenches, hex screw and Weaver/Picatinny rings and flip-open lens caps.

This scope has 50mm objective lens, which is impressively enormous. It has 4-16 power magnification, weighs 40 oz. and measures 15.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches.


  • lightbulb-oAlong with the EX-TAP Illumination Enhancing System of this scope are its 36 multi-color modeand dual color mode. With this feature, you don’t have to wait for specific weather and environmental conditions suitable for your predator or varmint hunting.
  • lightbulb-oIt comes with an adjustable parallax. You can shoot from a distance of 5 yards to infinity because of this feature.
  • lightbulb-oIts Premium Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Target Turrets come with the most consistent and precise ¼ minutes of angle (MOA) for windage and elevation adjustment. This makes it easy for you to adjust your view.
  • lightbulb-oThis is a completely sealed scope that features mil-dot range estimating reticle. This means that you can rely on this scope for the best aiming and shooting performancefor several years. 
  • lightbulb-oIt comes with a sunshade measuring 3 inches and a set of mounting rings that fit a Weaver or Picatinny rail. These features come in handy when you are hunting a prairie dog or coyote at a few hundred yards.


  • checkThis scope looks great in black matte finish.
  • checkIt can handle the demands of predator or varmint hunting very effectively.
  • checkIt is not only rainproof, shockproof and fogproof but also nitrogen-proof.
  • checkIt has excellent optics.
  • checkIt has solid build. 


  • exclamation-triangleIts clear plastic packaging is not very protective.

If you are looking for an affordable scope for your .22 magnum rifle, the URG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope. But if you want a scope packed with several innovative features and you can afford it, this is a great choice.

This is created with varmint hunters in mind. They can use it under weather and environmental conditions.

Barska 3-12×40 AO Hot Magnum Riflescope

Barska3-12x40 AO Hot Magnum Riflescope

Score: 4.2  Andrew Garfield

What sets the Barska 3-12×40 AO Hot Magnum Riflescope apart from other scopes for .22 magnum rifle is its dual function. With its interchangeable target turrets, you can switch between .17 HMR and .22 magnum calibrations as you please.

When it comes to the .17 magnum rimfire shooting, this scope is a reliable performer. Engineered with the bullet-drop technology, it has 1-inch tube diameter, 40mm objective lens diameter, 3.1-inch eye relief and a BDC/ballistic reticle.

Weighing 19.2 oz., this scope measures 14.1 x 14.1 x 2.6 inches. It has multi coated optics, parallax adjustable objective lens and an oversized 40mm objective lens.

There are other accessories added to the scope. These are BDC Turrets, scope caps and lens cloth.


  • lightbulb-oThis scope has black matte finish and high-density optical glasses. These features allow for great looks and crisp edge-to-edge clarity.
  • lightbulb-oIt has three uses. Its interchangeable .22 BDC elevation knobs are for 36GR, 38GR and 40GR caliber ordnance.
  • lightbulb-oThe objective lens is adjustable. This allows for multi-range parallax correction, accuracy and precision.
  • lightbulb-oIts trajectory compensation is pre-calculated. It ranges from 100 to 300 yards.
  • lightbulb-oIt has multicoated optics on at least one lens surface. Through this, you get a bright image with high contrast as the light loss and glare caused by reflection are reduced.


  • checkWith its list of amazing features, this scope is affordable.
  • checkIt is waterproof and fogproof.
  • checkIt is very easy to mount and set up.
  • checkIt allows you to use the dial to set the shooting distance and set the crosshairs on the target.​​​​
  • checkIts shockproof construction is very rigid.


  • exclamation-triangleThis scope does not have mil dots.

The Barska 3-12×40 AO Hot Magnum Riflescope proves that you can have a multi-functional device at a reasonable price. Although it has interchangeable functions, it is very easy to set up and use.

Pinty 3-9x32EG Illuminated Rangefinder Rifle Scope

Pinty 3-9x32EG Illuminated Rangefinder Rifle Scope

Score: 4.4  Andrew Garfield

The more features and options you have with your scope, the more chances you get to set it up in the way that fits your shooting situation. What sets this Pinty apart from the others is that it offers a lot of options for shooters, and that’s terrific.

This is basically a 4-in-1 design, as it offers several different functions in one configuration. There’s a lot you can do with it to make sure that you can really hit your target, regardless of the circumstances or your particular preferences.


  • lightbulb-oAs a 4-in-1 design, you get a rangefinder function, a green laser light, a red dot, and a green dot to help you get your shot off properly. This basically gives everything you need to shoot accurately.
  • lightbulb-oThe magnifications also range from 3x to 9x, so that gives you another set of options as to the zoom. You can use low power to locate your prey quickly or zoom in for proper prey ID.
  • lightbulb-oThis also offers 5 brightness settings for the red and green dot options. This makes sure you can see the dot and your prey as you take your shot.
  • lightbulb-oIt comes with a Picatinny mount that you’ll find easy to mount on any 22/11mm Picatinny or Weaver rails. So there’s no need to buy extra accessories for mounting.
  • lightbulb-oWith the O-ring sealing and the nitrogen filling, it’s totally fogproof and waterproof. So you won’t have to worry about weather conditions that will affect your scope.


  • checkThe durability and performance are impeccable. 
  • checkYou have a lot of options on how to target your prey.
  • checkThe different brightness settings gives you further control over the image.
  • checkYou also get 4 reticle patterns for the red or green dot sight.
  • checkThe field of view is nicely wide.


  • exclamation-triangleSome sellers don’t provide instructions for assembly.
  • exclamation-triangleYou may want to buy your own batteries instead of using what you get with the purchase.
  • exclamation-triangleSome may find the number of options confusing.

If you don’t like having lots of options, this isn’t for you. It’s great for shooters who want to really adjust their scope properly so that they can get the most accurate shot possible.

It may be confusing at first to see which adjustment options work best for each different type of shot, but finding out is part of the fun.

How We Wrote This Review

In general, a regular rifle scope is often the best one for .22 magnum rifles. Aiming and range will be very easy for you if your .22 magnum scope is calibrated for the round itself.

Take note though that your .22 magnum rifle may cause you to consider scopes more than you normally do. This is why looking for the best scope for your .22 magnum rifle is not an easy task and it should not be rushed.

To help you make this task less daunting, we created a list of ten scopes that we want to recommend for your magnum rifles. We gathered as much information as we can from researches, gun experts and real users.

First, we check the most recent lists of the best .22 magnum rifle scopes. We then compared the results to the reviews of buyers and the recommendations in several forums and trusted websitse for gun enthusiasts.

How We Chose the Top 10

There are numerous high-quality .22 mag scopes available on the market today and choosing the best one for you can be confusing.

We considered four basic factors when we selected the ten scopes for a 22 magnum rifle to recommend to you. The four criteria we used in judging the scopes are complexity, precision, durability and cost.

Based on these criteria, the UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope is the best one among the ten scopes in our list. In particular, the UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope is the best in terms of complexity and precision.

On the other hand, the Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope is the most durable one while the Simmons 22 Mag 3-9 x 32mm TruPlexRiflescope is the most affordable one.

This does not necessarily mean that the UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope is automatically the best one for all. Depending on your specific requirements, it may or may not be the perfect scope for your .22 magnum rifle.

Who Should Buy These Scopes?

Several types of shooters should buy Simmons 22 Mag 4 x 32mm TruPlex Riflescope, Simmons 22 Mag 3-9 x 32mm TruPlexRiflescope, Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope and Barska Hot Magnum. Among them are:

  • arrow-rightHunters looking for an illuminated reticle scope.
  • arrow-rightTarget shooters who need a large objective lens and high magnification, and casual sport shooters who want a scope with moderate magnification and not too many high-end target features.


Looking for the best scope for a 22 magnum rifle is easy if you know the criteria to consider. First, since rimfire weapons are light, the optic to the rifle must also be light.

Aside from weight, you should consider reticle and parallax or adjustable objective, as well, if you are looking for a rimfire scope. For most shooting, you need a simple duplex reticule with a set of thin crosshairs, which should enable you to see the target at different ranges.

The most common parallax setting on optics is a fixed parallax of 100 yards. Anything more than 100 yards is irrelevant in terms of rimfire adjustments for elevation and windage.

Simmons 22 Mag 4 x 32mm TruPlex Riflescope, Simmons 22 Mag 3-9 x 32mm TruPlexRiflescope, Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, UTG 4-16X50 Hunter Scope and Barska Hot Magnumare all highly recommended. They meet the criteria of both hunters and target shooters.

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