Top 10 Best Scope For Ruger American Rifle 30 06 Reviews

Best Scope For Ruger American Rifle 30 06
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If you look for the best scope for Ruger American rifle 30 06 online, you’re going to come across a lot of products claiming to be just that, so the purpose of this review is to present you with a list of the top scopes for this rifle.

There is no shortage of reviews for 30 06 riflescopes, too many in fact, so we just decided to focus on the five. A rifle like the American Ruger needs a potent riflescope to make sure that you’re able to shoot accurately.

Fitting the Ruger with a state of the art scope can turn you into a sharpshooter that can hit targets from long distance.

But how do you choose from the thousands of riflescopes, and how do you know if it is really for the 30 06? That is what you can find this list useful since we covered only the best.


Magnification & OL




Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 Riflescope


Dead-Hold BDC

23.8-6.1 feet /100 yards

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Riflescope


Duplex Reticle

34.6 – 14.6′ @ 100 yd / 11.5 – 4.9 m @ 100 m

Leupold VX-1 3-9×40 Waterproof Riflescope



14.6-34.6 ft(@100 yds)

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope


BDC reticle

23.6-7.3( @ 100 yards 4x/@ 100 yards 12x)

Leupold Mark 4 LR T 4.5-14x50mm (30mm) M1 TMR


Tactical milling reticle

19-7.6/6.3-2.5(ft@100 yd/m@100 m)

Nikon P-223 1.5-4.5×20 Matte BDC600 Riflescope


BDC 600

@ 100 yds10.9 – 43.6ft @ 100 yds

Burris Scopes 2.75x20mm 200269 Scout Riflescope, Heavy-Plex


Heavy Plex Reticle

Low-High: 15 Exit Pupil (mm) Low -High: 7.3 Click Value (@100 Yards)

Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition DOA 600 Riflescopes, 3-9 X 40

3-9 X 40

DOA 600 cf reticle

33.8/11@3x / 11.5/4@9x

BARSKA 3-1E8E8E82x50 IR Huntmaster Pro


30/30 infrared cross reticle

35-ft 100 yards at 3X

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Accu-Range Reticle


Accu-range reticle

3x: 32.9 ft / 9x: 13.1 ft (@ 100yd)

Our Picks


Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 Riflescope

> With Dead-Hold BDC Reticle <

Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16x42 Riflescope

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

The Diamondback HP (High Performance) riflescopes are upgraded versions of regular Diamondbacks and generally the next evolution of the 3-9×40 scopes that have been mounted on hundreds of thousands of hunting rifles over the years.

As the latest addition to the company’s line of optics, Diamondback HP 4-16x42mm comes with 4x optical zoom range, capped reset turrets, improved more extended eye relief and a side focus/parallax adjustment.

The single-piece body is constructed from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum with a traditional one-inch diameter of the main tube.

While the scope has O-ring seals that prevent moisture and water from entering it has also been purged with argon gas so that it won’t get fogged from within.


  • lightbulb-oThe Diamondback HP’s rugged body design provides shock-resistant features even with most powerful calibers and enables its use for both hunting and tactical purposes.
  • lightbulb-oA highly versatile 4-16x magnification allows you for a detailed view of your target with a fairly clean second focal plane reticle.
  • lightbulb-oThis Vortex riflescope comes with their Deadhold BDC reticle, which helps you to correct for the impact of prevailing winds on your bullet down the range. Unlike many scopes, the Diamondback HP boasts both turrets and reticle graduated in minutes of angle (MOA), making it useful for those that usually make corrections to their shooting using “Kentucky windage” procedure.
  • lightbulb-oThe Vortex proprietary coatings increase resolution and light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all glass surfaces. The multi-coated lenses enable crisp and clean images right up until the end of legal shooting hours.

  Some customers have complained about the turret tracking issues and the easily scuffed body finish. One of the other downsides refers to a BDC style reticle because at last shooting light is hard to see crosshairs as they are so thin.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 can be utilized for other activities, but it is best suited for hunting. The Diamondback HP line struck a perfect balance between qualities and cost while keeping a trim profile and providing optimal mounting height.

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

According to great ratings have been given online, a solid number of reviewers can prove the Leupold VX series of riflescopes is an American favorite.

Leupold has upgraded its classic scope to remain thoroughly relevant to today’s firearm industry. The VX-2 3-9x40mm is reintroduced with latest optic technology upgrades including the high-resolution lenses for optimum visuals and diverse reticle options.

Leupold VX-2 family consists of the eight models according to power range and lens size. This particular VX-2 model has 3-9x power range that features versatile 3:1 zoom ratio, which is perfect for close to medium range shooting and big game hunting applications.

Also, 40mm objective lens diameter paired with an Index Matched Lens System maximizes light transmission and provides you with a bright and crisp image even in low light scenarios.


  • lightbulb-oThis scope features a Duplex reticle with crosshair etched directly on the reticle glass. The classic Duplex system located in the second focal plane is intended for old-fashioned big game hunters. Among choice of several Leupold reticles, experts recommended duplex version since it is available Custom Dial System (CDS), which can be customized with your specific caliber bullet.
  • lightbulb-oDepending on magnification level, eye relief varies in an easy range of 3.7” to 4.2” so you can safely use the VX-2 with recoil heavy rifle/cartridge combinations.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope rugged and lightweight housing is based around a one-inch main tube built of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. While the Leupold has pioneered nitrogen filling procedure back in the ‘40s, today’s their scope`s bodies are filled with a second generation Argon/Krypton gas mixture for 100% waterproof and fog-proof ability.
  • lightbulb-oThe capped turrets allow for ¼ MOA precision finger click tuning for 52 MOAs for both windage and elevation adjustment.

  While the clicks are tactile and audible, there have been few complaints about dials and adjustments issues such as focal problems with targets in the less than 50 yards range at 9x magnification.

Although Leupold VX-2 is not suitable for dedicated long-range hunting and tactical shooters, this is a good and effective optics appropriate for average whitetail or other big game shooting inside 400 yards and a perfect match with .30-06 caliber rifles.

Moderately priced, Leupold VX-2 3-9X40 as a mid-entry level scope is ideal for scouting and field hunting suited perfectly for the needs of today’s woodsman and shooters.

Leupold VX-1 3-9×40 Waterproof Riflescope

Leupold VX-1 3-9x40 Waterproof Riflescope

Score: 4.7  Andrew Garfield

The VX-1 has many of the features you’ll need to acquire targets and improve your aim. It is oxygen purged and filled with nitrogen, and this makes the scope fog and waterproof.

The optics are clear and the image’s sharp contrast provides a lot of detail. The adjustable dials provide additional control and precision. Using your fingers you’ll be able to zero in and aim with greater accuracy.

Grouping at 100 yards is easy. The finish is smooth and the scope mounts securely. We also have to say that the scope provides excellent visuals at night.

This is due to the optics’ design, and speaks well of the brand’s quality control.  If you’re hunting at dusk or dawn, the enhanced brightness will definitely help. The simple controls will also appeal to beginners.

The magnification is clear and it’s easy to zoom in. The reticle is sharp and it simplifies target locking. If you’re new to rifle scopes or need an upgrade from the one you’re using, this scope will fit the bill.


  • lightbulb-oThe VX-1 is nitrogen filled and oxygen purged. This makes the scope waterproof and fog proof, suited for outdoor use.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has lockable eyepiece. With the secure lock you’ll be able to maintain focus.
  • lightbulb-oThe Leupold is made from durable materials. This provides assurance the scope will last for a prolonged period.
  • lightbulb-oThe riffle scope has multicoated optics. For the shooter that means optimum light transmission for greater visibility.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is equipped with adjustable 1/4 MOA per dials. Using your fingers you’ll be able to aim exactly where you want.


  • checkEasy to adjust
  • checkWaterproof
  • checkDurable built
  • checkCompatible with different rifles
  • checkExcellent light transmission


  • exclamation-triangleShort eye relief
  • exclamation-triangleDoes not come with mil dots
  • exclamation-triangleA bit on the bulky side

Leupold has made several high quality rifle scopes, and the VX-1 ranks among the most versatile. For hunting, targeting varmint and shooting, the VX-1 gets a thumbs-up.

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope

Score: 4.6  Andrew Garfield

The Nikon ProStaff is for those who want a dependable rifle scope for their 30 06. Its aluminum polymer body is extra durable. The riflescope also has 4-12x magnification so if you need to get a closer look at your target, it is easy to do so.

The ProStaff has a 40 mm objective lens, and it works together with the magnification. Its optical lens are fully coated, providing better light transmission so you can see your target better.

The optics also make it easy to aim and lock targets even if it’s low light or there is some fog. Its zero reset turret is well-designed, and thanks to the adjustment knob you’ll be able to set the ProStaff just the way you want it.

The ProStaff also has a 3.7 inch eye relief so you will feel comfortable shooting and targeting for long stretches.


  • lightbulb-oThe ProStaff is made of polymer aluminum. This provides the scope with extra durability.
  • lightbulb-oThe rifle scope is equipped with a BDC reticle. The reticle makes it easy to acquire targets even from afar.
  • lightbulb-oThe ProStaff has 4 to 12x magnification. With this you can zoom in and see more detail.
  • lightbulb-oThe rifle scope is nitrogen filled and O ring sealed. This makes the scope waterproof ad fog proof.
  • lightbulb-oThe rifle scope has zero reset turret built in. With its adjustment knob you’ll be able to fine tune the ProStaff just the way you want it.


  • checkMade of durable materials
  • checkAccurate for long distance
  • checkClear lens
  • checkSolidly made reticle
  • checkGood light transmission


  • exclamation-triangleAdjustment clicks could be more consistent
  • exclamation-triangleEye relief is a bit short at 12x
  • exclamation-triangleCrosshairs are a bit thick

The ProStaff scope is easy to adjust, ideal for beginners and anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered by a complicated scope. If you’re looking for a rifle scope for target practice and hunting, the ProStaff is a good bet.

Leupold Mark 4 LR T 4.5-14x50mm (30mm) M1 TMR

Leupold Mark 4 LR T 4.5-14x50mm (30mm) M1 TMR

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

The Leupold Mark 4 is powered by a 40 mm objective lens and 3-16x magnification. Designed for long and short range shooting, the scope is equipped with side parallax adjustment so you can tweak the Mark 4 until the setting is the way you want it.

The scope is built from high quality materials, which is exactly what a hunting scope needs to have. The Mark 4 runs fine on the Ruger American as expected, but it is just as good on other rifles.

The magnification power is excellent and complements the powerful lens. Adjusting the scope to acquire your target takes very little effort so you can concentrate on aiming and shooting.

Because the Mark 4 attaches to your rifle firmly, recoil won’t affect your accuracy or the way you aim. The Mark 4 is still usable even in low light, and that’s a plus because hunting often takes place around dusk and dawn and it’s dark.


  • lightbulb-oThe Mark 4 construction is a single 30 mm tube. This built enables the scope can hand handle rugged environments.
  • lightbulb-oThe magnification power is 3x-16x. If you’re going to use a rifle for long range shooting, the magnification becomes a crucial feature.
  • lightbulb-oThe objective lens is 40 mm, the standard used for many Leupold riflescopes. For the marksman this means more light.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope uses the front focal model for each setting. This allows you to get the range right regardless of the power setting.


  • checkMakes target acquisition easy
  • checkWorks well in low light
  • checkCompatible with different rifles
  • checkHigh rate of light transmission
  • checkHas side parallax adjustment


  • exclamation-triangleLens cover design could be better
  • exclamation-triangleFinish a bit dull
  • exclamation-triangleImages sometimes appear too bright

The Mark 4 is an excellent riflescope for hunting and tactical use. The high quality optics also serves the needs of hunters and Ruger American enthusiasts.  Overall, performance is consistently good.

Nikon P-223 1.5-4.5×20 Matte BDC600 Riflescope

Nikon P-223 1.5-4.5x20 Matte BDC600 Riflescope

Score: 4.6  Andrew Garfield

The BDC600 has been developed specifically for the Ruger 30 06 and the AR platform. Aimed at demanding shooters, the scope is powered by its 1.5-4×20 power objective lens. The effect of this combo is evident when you peer into the scope as the view is bright even if there is low light.

The BDC600 is also light, crucial if you’re mounting it on a heavy gun. Installing the riflescope is quick and stays locked in. The scope itself is made from a single tube piece for reinforced strength.

The scope can lock in targets from a distance thanks to the lens and magnification, and the instant zero turrets takes away a lot of the trouble that comes with adjusting riflescopes. With its Nikon Spot On Technology, the scope to aim and acquire targets with greater accuracy compared to some of the others.


  • lightbulb-oThe BDC600 has full coated lens for enhanced performance. This allows the BDC600 to produce high quality images.
  • lightbulb-oThe magnification power is 1.5-4x. The extra magnification power gives the shooter the edge in long range shooting.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is equipped with instant zero reset turrets. These are spring loaded so it’s more responsive than those on other scopes.
  • lightbulb-oEach glass surface is coated with anti-reflective compounds. These layers enable the scope to generate vivid images and optimum visuals.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is fully optimized for the Nikon Spot On Ballistic Technology. This feature was developed specifically to enhance accuracy.


  • checkZeroing is easy
  • checkCompatible with different cartridges
  • checkSimple to use
  • checkEffective in low light
  • checkAccurate


  • exclamation-triangleWindage and elevation adjustment could be better
  • exclamation-triangleWarranty for 30 days only
  • exclamation-triangleInstructions not comprehensive

The BDC600 is a well-made and mounts perfectly on the Ruger American 30 06. It is advertised as a do it all riflescope and that’s an accurate assessment. It’s got the range for hunting and is also good for the short distance as well.

Burris Scopes 2.75x20mm 200269 Scout Riflescope, Heavy-Plex

Burris Scopes 2.75x20mm 200269 Scout Riflescope, Heavy-Plex

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

The scout’s riflescopes are designed to be used with both eyes opened and maintained shooters peripheral vision while shooting. The scout optic concept predicts to be mounted well forward on the rifle allowing for the fast target sighting compared to standard rear mounted scopes.

The combo of lightweight scout rifle and slim scout scope is intended for quicker combat/hunting precision shooting for close to medium-range distance, but these scopes are tack drivers at 100 yards and less.

Because of their double spring-tensioned design, the Scout Riflescopes can more efficiently absorb a shock from powerful loads such as .308 or .30-06 Springfield.


  • lightbulb-oThe Burris Scout is a typical interpretation of how a 7 oz. light and 9.2 inches long, compact forward mounted optic might look and function.
  • lightbulb-oThis sturdy little scope is machined from solid 1-piece, one-inch aircraft grade aluminum tube making it light but remarkably shockproof optic. In addition to recoil resistance, every riflescope is individually water and fogproof tested.
  • lightbulb-oThe Burris scout riflescope 2.75x20mm is a fixed magnification option featuring an SFP simple duplex crosshair called a Heavy-Plex reticle that allows for quick shooting without affecting precision. The Burris 2.75x20mm scope boasts index-matched multi-coated glass for maximum clarity and a clear view. The focus is finger adjustable, and elevation and windage adjustment come up to 50 MOA.

  Despite having a somewhat hefty price tag, the Burris scout scope has an insufficient eye distance from the ocular. The Scout Scope’s 7.3 inches of eye relief will require being carefully placed to avoid sacrificing a comfortable shooting position.

  Another common problem with scout scopes is their poor low light visibility, so if you intend to purchase Burris 2.75x20mm for hunting the image may be darker than you would want.

Anyway, this scout riflescope is meant for action and to be mounted on scout rifles, whose concept was developed by the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper.

Since the Burris set the standard for Scout Scopes, durability and lowest mounting capabilities, this quality constructed product would fill its intended purpose quite nicely.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition – DOA 600 Riflescopes, 3-9 X 40

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9x is a very well-constructed scope, built in Japan. The scope comes with a one-piece tube design, and it is torture-tested to ensure reliability in the fiercest Magnum calibers.

Based on 1-inch aluminum tube, these lightweight Riflescopes measures 17.5 x 3.8 x 4 inches and weight of 14.2 ounces, allowing it to be low mounted so make sure it will fit your application.

Utilizing 60 layers of coatings on each lens surfaces and the multicoated lenses with a wide band coating, the standard 40mm objective lenses deliver enough brightness during final minutes before dusk and dawn when game animals are most active.

This zoom scope has a 3x magnification ratio and an adjustable fast-focus eyepiece which you can turn clockwise or counter-clockwise to give you the sharpest view for your particular vision.


  • lightbulb-oThis Trophy XLT model boasts DOA 600 reticle, but it is also available in fine Multi-X reticle. The Bushnell DOA reverse X-mas tree design is made for distance estimation in long range deer hunting. The Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9×40 Riflescope features audible and resettable windage and elevation adjustment in 1/4 MOA clicks.
  • lightbulb-oAs versatile scope for big game hunting, Trophy XLT 3-9x40mm deliveries the crisp and clear images in all weather conditions due to patented RainGuard HD layering and argon purged housing.
  • lightbulb-oAs a standard, the Bushnell scopes are fog proof and shock proof, and they are O-ring sealed to withstand complete immersion in water and stay dry inside.

  The Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 3-9x40mm riflescope has a modest eye relief of 3.3 inches that can be a little tricky to new buyers and inexperienced shooters of .30-06.

  Since the Bushnell Trophy XLT is engineered with a lower price tag on the mind, it came without illumination crosshair located in a second focal plane.

As all-around scope, the Bushnell Trophy XLT features classic 3-9x magnification making it one of the best configuration for big game hunting and perfect for close to mid-range hunting or shooting.

After all, comparing clarity and price, the Bushnell Trophy XLT beats all rivals and offers excellent performance for a decent price.

BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Huntmaster Pro

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro

Score: 4  Andrew Garfield

The Huntmaster Pro is designed not just for hunting but also target practice. The optics are sharp so even if there’s little light visibility is still good. The scope is fully compatible with the 30 06 and mounting presents no problems.

The Huntmaster Pro allows for very accurate aim and rapid target acquisition. It has a 303/30 IR reticle, and with multiple brightness adjustments you’ll get the appropriate visibility level.

The objective lens is sizable and combined with the multicoated optics lead to greater visibility. The crosshair is just the right level of thickness and is very sharp. The optics are vivid and clear but there is no glare.

The image is bright and the contrast is sharp, making it easy to distinguish features. The scope is fog proof and waterproof so you it’s usable in different conditions.

Its elevation and windage control are well implemented so it’’s easy to fine tune. Finally, the solid construction guarantees the scope is going to last a long time.


  • lightbulb-oThe rifle scope has state of the art optics. With this you’ll get clear visibility even if lighting conditions are less than ideal.
  • lightbulb-oThe Barska has 3 – 12x magnification. By adjusting this you’ll get to see more detail.
  • lightbulb-oIt is equipped with 2.7 inch eye relief. This ensures your eye doesn’t get stressed out when you use the scope.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has a 50 mm objective lens. This allows for faster target acquisition under different conditions.
  • lightbulb-oThe Barska weighs only 3 ounces. Even when mounted it doesn’t add a lot of weight to your rifle.


  • checkQuick focus eye relief
  • checkClear magnification
  • checkSolid construction
  • checkEasy to adjust
  • checkShockproof


  • exclamation-triangleFocusing at max magnification is a bit tricky
  • exclamation-triangleSlightly heavy
  • exclamation-triangleBody is a bit bulky

The Barska is a very good rifle scope, accurate and effective not just for hunting but target shooting too. For beginners and advanced 30 06 enthusiasts, the rifle scope delivers.

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Accu-Range Reticle

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Accu-Range Reticle

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

Since 2008 Leupold has become the parent company of the Redfield Gun Sight Company. They have continued to produce optics, but Redfield riflescopes are generally cheaper than Leupold optics.

However, the Redfield Revolution series is practically the same scope as the Leupold VX-1 3-9X40 riflescope, but for the less money.

The Redfield Revolution is their flagship series consisting of five models. This particular 3-9X variable zoom model is one of three that have the same magnification in this series.

Actual magnification is 3,3-8,5x, but anyway, this is almost the most preferred power range among old school and traditional hunters.

Featuring probably the most common magnification in hunting circles, Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm provides zoom power for hunters with all types of shooting conditions and distances.


  • lightbulb-oThe scope belongs to light category measuring at 12.3” in length and weighing only 12.6 ounces. This streamlined, simple, and compact scope is machined from the same durable 6061 T-6 aluminum one-inch tube that all Leupold riflescopes are made from.
  • lightbulb-oAs a standard, the Redfield Revolution scopes are fog proof, waterproof and shockproof offering characteristics adequate for hunting in harshest condition and a variety of terrain.
  • lightbulb-oThe Redfield illuminator lens system boasts a unique level of quality in this price range featuring superb lenses with multilayer coatings for vapor deposition.
  • lightbulb-oThis Revolution 3-9X40 mm scope is available the Accu-Range ballistic reticle as it is acting as a bullet drop compensator. In fact, it is the standard 4-Plex with ring at the center and a small-etched dot beneath it.
  • lightbulb-oThe Redfield Revolution does lack a parallax adjustment turret, and it’s not to be expected in a budget optic. When it comes to their glass system, the 40 mm objective bells is entirely sufficient for this level of magnification, making this lightweight scopes capable of shooting easier and more comfortable, especially when hunting.
  • lightbulb-oThe Redfield Revolution does have; we would say quite enough level of eye relief 3.7 inches, which would make the scope good when using small to mid-powerful recoiling round.
  • lightbulb-oThe Redfield Revolution has nice audible clicks in the elevation and windage turrets with a maximum internal adjustment of 56 MOA.
  • lightbulb-oThe eyepiece features an American style non-fast system that is more secure than the popular fast focus eyepieces.

  However, the knobs require a tool or the rim of a cartridge to make adjustments since they are not fingertip adjustable.

  However, this classic system is a little slow and time-consuming if you are comparing it to the prevailing fast focus.

The Redfield brand has a reputation that borderlines minimalist but efficient design tried and proved during decades. For shooting at 100-300 yards, it is hard to beat the Revolution 3-9X40 model we reviewed, especially when you mount it with the more stable and precise low mounting rings on your .30-06 deer rifle.

How We Wrote This Review

We know that you have reviewed a lot of riflescopes and done your own research, so we did not repeat the stuff you read in product descriptions. Instead what we did was write reviews that provide practical information.

These reviews are comprehensive. We list the major features and also explain what those can do for your rifle. While we wanted to be as detailed as possible, we also made certain no technical or confusing terms were used in compiling the facts.

We did use our experience with scopes to write these reviews, but we wrote them in a way that any 30 06 rifle owner can understand.

In short, these reviews were written for the practical shooter, someone who does not have a lot of time to waste and just wants the facts. Rather than just jot down the specs, we tested the riflescopes to assess their capabilities.

Advantage of the Best Scope For Ruger American Rifle 30 06

Riflescopes may have the same purpose, but that does not mean they’re equal. We picked these because they are manufactured for the Ruger 30 06. What this tells you is that these scopes will fit with the rifle without any issues.

Another benefit is that these riflescopes are equipped with quality optics. The lens are used to transmit light so you can see the target. Since they’re made for the Ruger 30 06, the scope is easy to adjust and fine tune until it satisfies your needs.

These riflescopes are built out of solid material, allowing you to use them in fog and rain. Most of these scopes also have adjustment controls so you can magnify the view and see what’s up ahead.

Windage and elevation adjustment is present in quality 30 06 scopes so the shooter can tweak the scope.

How We Chose the Top 5

These riflescopes were chosen because they’re 100% compatible with the Ruger American 30 06. But that is not the only reason we chose them, as we also used these criteria.

  • arrow-rightTarget acquisition: how quickly does the scope lock in on a target?
  • arrow-rightRange: how far does the scope allow to sight? How detailed is the object? Is it accurate from short and long distance?
  • arrow-rightDurability: can you use the scope if there’s a fog? We chose only scopes that are good for all-weather use.
  • arrow-rightVersatility: all the riflescopes can be used in low light environments. While most work great in daylight, you still get clear images at dusk and dawn.
  • arrow-rightFlexibility: how well can you adjust the scope? Can you make quick modifications on the fly?

Only the scopes that fit the above criteria were included in the top 5 reviews.

Who Should Buy These Scopes?

If you own a Ruger American 30 06 and want to enhance its accuracy, any one of these scopes is going to be worth a try. You may also want to buy one if:

  • arrow-rightYour current scope isn’t sufficient for your needs.
  • arrow-rightYou need a scope that is durable and versatile.
  • arrow-rightYou need a scope that’s compatible with different hunting rifles.


A riflescope is an integral part of the Ruger 30 06, yet it’s often taken for granted unless it’s not working properly. Rather than put up with an inaccurate scope, you can always get an upgrade by purchasing one of the scopes here.

The biggest difference between these scopes and the run of the mill type is these are made specifically for the 30 06. Recoil, inaccuracy and difficulty resetting to zero are some of the problems you’ll face when using a generic riflescope.

If the scope is designed for the Ruger American however, none of these will be an issue. So which of the five products here is the best scope for Ruger American rifle 30 06? We could have gone and chosen one, but Ruger 30 06 owners have their own needs, so we will let you go over the reviews and pick the one you like!

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