10 Best Scopes For A Ruger Precision Rifle [Reviews]

Best Scope For Ruger Precision Rifle
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Have you been searching for the best scope for Ruger Precision Rifle?  The Ruger is powerful and packs a lot of power, but you’ll need a top quality scope to acquire a target and have a better aim.

For target shooting, hunting, tactical operations and general all purpose shooting, a scope is indispensable. Let us explain briefly about the Ruger Precision Rifle before the review section.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is known to be one of the leading gun manufacturers in the United States offering more than 400 models of firearms to the commercial sporting market. The Ruger Precision Rifle is bolt-action rifle build on a class called Modern Sporting Rifle or MSR, or category of semi-automatic guns based on the Colt AR-15 design.

Priced at $1200, the RPR is a great rifle platform offering to the new competitive shooter or practical field shooter two things that any long-range rifle can deliver to its shooters: reliability and accuracy.

This incredibly modular gun is also versatile rifle providing an excellent tool for target shooting, hunting, tactical operations and general all-purpose shooting at varying distances.

So rather, than recommend one riflescope class that can do both jobs pretty good, we will instead offer two different categories represented by 10 models for the two very different problems.

Since the Ruger Precision Rifle is designed like a flattop, you should need a mounting system to bring the scope high enough while maintaining a proper cheek weld.

That’s the reason we came up with this comprehensive review, to give Ruger rifle owners like yourself the means to find the appropriate model.


Mag & Obj




Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

1.75-4X 32mm

Circle-X reticle

5/[email protected] / 16/5.3@4x

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×40 Plex


V-Plex (MOA)

34.1-12.6 feet/100 yards

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm QDMA RBR


RBR Reticle

32.9ft to 13.1ft/11.0m to 4.4m

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm P5 Dial Riflescope


Duplex Reticle

73-29.30/22.30-8.90(ft/100 yd & m/100 m)

Vortex Optics Viper HS 4-16×44 Riflescope w/ Dead-Hold BDC Reticle VHS-4305


BDC Reticle

27.4-7.4 feet/100 yards

Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope 6-24×50



4.2 – 16.8 ft @ 100 yds

Nikon P-RIMFIRE  Review


BDC 150 Reticle

6.4-22.3 (ft @ 50 yds)

Sun Optics USA Target Hunting Hand Gun Riflescope


Duplex reticle


Feyachi 3 in 1 Riflescopes



10′ ~ 27′ (@100yards)

BSA Sweet 22 reticle Rifle Scope


Duplex reticle

31.4-8.3(@100 Yds)

Our Picks


Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

 > Circle-X Reticle Riflescope with 6-Inch Eye Relief, 1.75-4X 32mm <

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

Score: 4.5  Andrew Garfield

Bushnell Banner is making a broad line of riflescopes for many different types of shooting, and they represent an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. Featuring low levels of magnification such as 1.75-4x, this smaller sized variable is ideal for brush hunting at short distances.

The Bushnell Banner series of riflescopes sport a one-piece tube design filled with dry-nitrogen that provides 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof features.

The 1.75-4x Banner Dusk & Dawn line includes two models of ballistic reticles either for use with muzzleloaders and shotguns or centerfire rifles such as the Ruger Precision Rifle.


  • lightbulb-oThe Banner riflescope is equipped with a 32mm objective and has a bold, fast, SFP reticle that features 1/4 MOA accuracy. A Circle-X 500 reticle is optimized for precision rifles with aiming points out to 500 yards. As a bonus, the thick crosshairs that would cover a 1″ target at 100yd allows you to place it on target very quickly, particularly in low light conditions.
  • lightbulb-oThese Banner scope lenses are coated with Bushnell’s proprietary Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DDB) multi-coating for clarity and brightness in low light.
  • lightbulb-oThe Bushnell Banner riflescope has a very comfortable 6” eye relief, perfect for guns with long eye relief requirements.
  • lightbulb-oMeasuring 12.1 ounces, the scope feels solid overall but not too heavy and combining with a length of 10.8 inches makes this relatively small optics a perfect choice for a short-to-medium range shooting and hunting.

While the sight picture is good for close range shooting and clearer than many of the similar optics in its price category, the Banner 1.75-4X32mm is not intended for very long ranges, or demanding tactical use. As a simple, budget-minded riflescope, it will do a job very well within a certain distance.

  One of the few negatives with this reasonably priced scope refers to the mushy adjustment turrets with poor control.

  Another objection would be on the very small field of view of 35 feet at 1.75x and 16 feet at 4x power.

Without a doubt, the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn is a high-value, close range scope with an appealing price point that would be the perfect match for a Ruger Precision Rifle. At the very end, the 1.75-4×32 Banner can fit almost anybody’s budget, while it enables every beginner or an average hunter to take a more humane shot than with iron sights.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×40 Plex

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9x40 Plex

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

It is not mandatory for precision long-range rifles to be equipped with high-dollar riflescopes, particularly when you start to fill up your gun safe.

One of the best scopes in the entry-level line is the Crossfire II from Vortex Optics, a favorite all-purpose riflescope good for use at close, medium, and long range. Most Crossfire II models are offered with 30mm and one inch (25.4mm) bodies and with a choice of three reticles.


  • lightbulb-oThe 3-9x40mm Crossfire II riflescope that is the subject of this overview features a one-inch diameter main tube, 3-9x magnification range with 40mm objective and standard, second focal plane Duplex type or known as a V-Plex reticle.
  • lightbulb-oThe durable and rugged scope is built on 12″, a one-piece solid billet of an aluminum tube that is anodized and aircraft-grade. As the Vortex Crossfire II is nitrogen purged and is sealed with O-rings, it is both waterproof and fogproof, it is ideal for a wide variety of hunting or tactical applications.
  • lightbulb-oPaired with the 40mm objective lens, the Crossfire II boasts fully multi-coated optics to ensure comfortable viewing in both light and darkness.
  • lightbulb-oVortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm sports a European focusing system with the focus ring at the end of the ocular bell. This focus eyepiece aids in target acquisition and reticle focus for repeatable shots.
  • lightbulb-oWhile the maximum eye relief is 4.4 inches, the minimum eye relief is 3.8 inches, which is sufficient to withstand recoil and impact of more powerful guns such as the Ruger Precision Rifle.

The Crossfire II by Vortex Optics utilizes capped and resettable windage and elevation turrets that are a bit taller than normal.

  Though the windage and elevation knobs are designed with fingertip dials in ¼ MOA increments, the tactile click is somewhat softer than usual, so the user can over-adjust them by mistake.

  Some shooters complain about the thickness of the V-Plex crosshairs as they block out a good portion of the target especially at any distance over 200 yards.

Estimating all virtues of this fantastic variable scope, we concluded that most benefits from the Vortex Crossfire II 3 9×40 were for shooters and hunters hunting at medium to long-range (up to about 400 yards) or up close when necessary with some of the rifles based on the AR-15 platform.

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm QDMA RBR

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm QDMA RBR

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

The Ruger Precision Rifle is highly configurable, with the in-line-recoil rifle conceived initially as an optic platform for different tasks and purposes. While many hunters purchase an RPR as a deer gun for stand hunting, they have a bit of confusion when choosing optics that are compatible with their Ruger but at a relatively affordable price.

The proper riflescope has to offer a perfect picture, clear enough to recognize that it’s a deer they want to shoot—within legal hunting hours—and Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm QDMA RBR is an extraordinary solution.

Like the first, the Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm is a daytime hunting scope. Featuring the 1-inch tube diameter and modest 40mm objective, it does not amplify light like riflescopes with larger and bulky bells; however, it would not get you into “illegal” shooting hours.


  • lightbulb-oThe lightweight, 12.3″ long, tough aluminum body features laser engraved “QDMA” mark what stands for a “Quality Deer Management Association.” So, this is one more reason for a deer hunter to obtain this scope.
  • lightbulb-oSecond, Leupold equipped its Rifleman 3-9x riflescope with the new RBR (Rifleman Ballistic Reticle) reticle, a variant of a conventional Duplex reticle. Positioned in the rear focal plane, the Rifleman Ballistics Reticle provides aiming points for distances out to 500 yards with the addition of holdover aiming points upon the 6 o’clock stadia.
  • lightbulb-oA generous amount of eye relief ranges from 4.2″ to 3.7″ and is paired with a good eye box to facilitate fast target acquisition at all levels of magnification.
  • lightbulb-oSince Leupold pioneered the process of waterproofing optics via nitrogen purging, this Rifleman is well protected for environmental stress and shock. 
  • lightbulb-oFeaturing Parallax correction preset at 75 yards, the Rifleman riflescope has the 3x Leupold lens erector system which enhances repeatability. 

  Finally, the windage and elevation turrets allow the ½-MOA increments smooth adjustments, but the elevation and windage knobs do not click when adjusting, so when you make changes you cannot count the clicks.

  Although it features a fully coated lens, as with all variable power optics, light transmission is best at lower power settings

Indeed, this is a low-end Leupold, but since it’s good for all practical hunting, it is hugely appreciated by professional hunters who value quality for an affordable price.

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm P5 Dial Riflescope

Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm P5 Dial Riflescope

Score: 4.8  Andrew Garfield

Designed specifically for an AR15/M-16 style rifle, it is very applicable to other modern sporting or precision bolt-action rifles such as Ruger Precision rifle. The Leupold Mark AR series of riflescopes is perfect for those who hunt with Modern Sporting Rifles and similar intermediate caliber rifles.

The Mark AR series contains a myriad of models, but this time our choice fell on the Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm as an excellent selection of close and mid-range shooting with modern sporting rifles.


  • lightbulb-oThe compact and lightweight aluminum one-inch maintube is 12.4 inches in length and weighs only 9.6 ounces, which is almost half of the Trijicon 1-4x scope and significantly less than the classic 3-9x scope.
  • lightbulb-oThe Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 features a proprietary, 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton gas blend for waterproofing, which nearly eliminates the effects of thermal shock. The optical system features 1.5-3.9x actual magnification with a wide field-of-view.
  • lightbulb-oThe Leupold Mark AR riflescope has the fiberoptic reticle with an illuminated center dot that is very usable at closer ranges and a little distance. Leupold designed and patented that daylight-visible green FireDot G SP illuminated reticle on demands of the most exacting hunters, shooters, and 3 gun match competitors. As a useful note, the brightness can be adjusted, and it does not wash out the glass at dawn or dusk.
  • lightbulb-oThe lens system utilizes Leupold Multicoat 4 anti-glare coatings that reduce glare and enhances transmission from edge to edge of the visual field.
  • lightbulb-oThe updated Leupold Mark AR series is known as MOD 1 and now features exposed target uncapped windage and elevation turrets. The P5 elevation turrets are optimized for standard 55 grain 5.56mm ammunition, but custom dials can be ordered from the manufacturer to match any round.

  There is one downside because the scope requires an extended eye relief mount due to the length of the body behind adjustment knobs.

  Some owners also put criticism on the thick and busy cross-hairs.

Since the Mark AR1.5-4x20mm optic is the ideal tool for close range target practice, some shooters claim this scope as a partial surrogate of the red dot sights. Because Leupold Mark AR`s minimum magnification is 1.5x and not a “true” 1x, the scope isn’t functionally identical to a red dot sight.

Otherwise, it is an excellent AR platform riflescope for 3 gun matches, CQB, and hunting in thicker woods, but cheaper and more versatile than Trijicon’s similar Accupoint offering.

Vortex Optics Viper HS 4-16×44 Riflescope w/ Dead-Hold BDC Reticle VHS-4305

Vortex Optics Viper HS 4-16x44 Riflescope w Dead-Hold BDC Reticle VHS-4305

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

Unlike the regular Vortex Viper series with 1-inch tube bodies and a basic adjustment system, its successor, the Viper HS riflescopes feature an advanced optical system and a bigger, 30mm central tube that provides higher strength and wider adjustment volume.

Although the Vortex Optics Viper HS (stands for Hunting Shooting) riflescope is a favorite for hunters and shooters alike, the HS line is designed specifically with hunters in mind. Utilizing a magnification of up to 4x, the Viper HS series is versatile when it comes to magnification, best suiting the hunter for casual target use and medium range hunting.


  • lightbulb-oFurthermore, Vortex has built this waterproof riflescope from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and filled the one-piece tube with argon gas to inhibit internal fogging.
  • lightbulb-oEnhanced controls also mean a Vortex MagView Bar, which offers a fiber optic radius bar with rear-facing magnification guide that is raised for an excellent view in dusk and dawn.
  • lightbulb-oCapped turrets boast audible and crisp clicks and for increased windage for optimal adjustment as well as great and elevation travel.
  • lightbulb-oAlso known as model VHS-4305, this Viper riflescope sports the Dead-Hold BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticle positioned in the Second Focal Plane (SFP). This particular reticle model has a duplex type stadia or hash mark lines which can be used for shooting in multiple ranges and scenarios where estimating holdover can be concerning.
  • lightbulb-oFeaturing the 41mm ocular and 44mm objective, this proportionate scope is equipped with glasses protected by ArmorTek, a scratch-resistant coating. The other glass surfaces are coated with Vortex’s proprietary XD glass and XR lens coatings.

As for the mounting of this 30mm tube scope, it is advisable to use the low scope rings to bring the Viper 4-16x44mm down closer to the barrel.

  While some users find it a little overpriced for the quality of the lens, others have complaints on heavy weight of the scope at 18.4 oz.

  However, the one serious critique refers to the very fine reticle allowing to shoot excellent groups, but it is a little thin for low light situations and will tend to disappear in a black target.

If you’re looking for a moderately priced scope with respectable clarity glasses and decent and precise turret clicks, the Vortex Viper HS 4-16×44 Riflescope represents a solid choice and quality set in this price range. It is a perfect choice of riflescope for the Ruger Precision Rifle.

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Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope 6-24×50

Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope 6-24x50

Score: 4.7  Andrew Garfield

The Nikon Monarch 3 6-24×50 is the most powerful riflescope in the Nikon Monarch 3 lineup. As the largest riflescope line in the Nikon family, MONARCH 3 and its model 6-24×50 utilize mechanics typical of the Nikon brand.

This 15.75-inch, full-sized riflescope features a huge 50mm objective lens and powerful zoom capability. While the big 50mm objective allows for hunting in the first or last light of day with an impressive 4-time magnification range, the Monarch 3 6-24×50 is the perfect choice for long-range hunting situations.


  • lightbulb-oThe one-inch central body tube is machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy for maximum strength and durability while providing shockproof and “all-weather proof” characteristics under any conditions. Additionally, this Monarch offers a very comfortable four inches of non-critical eye relief which is beneficial when mounting this scope on a Ruger Precision Rifle in a larger caliber.
  • lightbulb-oLike the other high magnification Monarch 3 rifle scopes, Nikon equipped this 6-24x scope with a push/pull locking mechanism on a quick focus eyepiece and an easy-to-reach side-focus parallax adjustment.
  • lightbulb-oUnlike the usual 1/4 MOA reticle adjustments found on the other Monarch 3 scopes, Nikon Monarch 3 6-24×50 features more precise 1/8 MOA click-stop moves.
  • lightbulb-oThe trademark of Monarch 3 Riflescopes is the spring loaded, instant Zero-Reset turrets and an ultra ClearCoat optical system for superior light transmission and an exceptionally clear sight picture.
  • lightbulb-oThe Nikon Monarch 3 series is available with many reticles, but this model is offered only with slightly modified BDC reticle in the second focal plane. It sports several circles along the vertical post instead of the commonly accepted hash mark reticle, which corresponds to a different range depending on using non-magnum or magnum calibers.

Overall, this is a pretty big scope but proportionally designed. The Monarch 3 6-24×50 offers greater mounting versatility. In fact, the scope can be installed via a medium ring that is surprising considering the 50mm objective.

  Since this capable long range scope comes with eyepiece lens cap attached, users found that the quick focus ring is inaccessible because of them. However, removing the cap is fairly simple – just pull it off the scope.

  Also, there are comments on the thick reticle as it is large and not suitable for the smaller game. Another complaint refers to “Aiming Points” on the BDC scope. The circles, “dots” with open centers, are very large on the target and they are not suitable for accurate shooting on close-range targets.

As is the case with the rest of competitors, in the same or more expensive brand, Nikon Monarch 3 6-24x with the 50mm objective is a good compromise between handy size and brightness at maximum magnification.

Engineered for minimum weight, this versatile riflescope with a large objective diameter lens would not add to the overall weight of the precision rifles and disrupt their balance.

Nikon P-RIMFIRE Review: BDC 150 Rifle Scope

Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Rifle Scope

Score: 4.6  Andrew Garfield

The Nikon P Rimfire is one impressive scope. It mounts nicely on a Ruger and other popular rifles, and it’s accurate as you can hit from a 100 meters easy.

The scope is bright, clear and you can see colors vividly. There is good contrast and no reflections or glare. The image is also clear even at dawn or dusk, something hunters will appreciate.

No matter when and where you use the Rimfire, expect the scope to remain there. Since it is built for the Ruger it’s not going to snap off due to recoil.

The scope calibration is for 1600 fps rounds so it can take a pounding. The Rimfire offers the standard 1/4 inch hand turn adjustment.

With its target style adjustment you can refine the scope until it’s at the level you want. The scope is also waterproof so a little bit of rain or fog won’t affect its clarity or magnification. We can’t say the same for other scopes.


  • lightbulb-oThe P-Rimfire allows for precision adjustments. At 1/4” @ 50 yards, you can lock in your target.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is built from high quality, durable materials. Even if you use the scope for long stretches it will hold up.
  • lightbulb-oThe P-Rimfire uses a BDC 150 reticle. The reticle provides aiming points starting at 50 yards up to 150 yards.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope uses the Nikon Eco Glass Lenses. These lenses don’t have any arsenic or lead and designed for extended use.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope’s optics have multiple coatings. The extra layers and anti-reflection properties makes the scope suited for hunting.


  • checkSharp optics
  • checkEasy adjustments
  • checkHas anti reflective properties
  • checkNo lead components
  • checkGood for all-weather use


  • exclamation-triangleHeavy
  • exclamation-triangleSlight blurring at maximum magnification
  • exclamation-triangleOptics are a bit too bright

The P-Rimfire is one of the more versatile riflescopes we have seen from Nikon. The optics are very clear, and its flexibility makes this an ideal option for users of different levels.

Sun Optics USA Target Hunting Hand Gun Riflescope

Sun Optics USA Target Hunting Hand Gun Riflescope

Score: 5  Andrew Garfield

The Sun Optics is designed for the Ruger and an assortment of rifles and even handguns. The scope ranks high in ease of installation, and it is very secure.

The view you get from the Sun Optics is sharp with a good amount of brightness too. The scope is fog proof and waterproof so even a bit of rain or fog shouldn’t deter you.

Its magnification is sufficient for aiming and target acquisition, and there is no blurring even if the magnification is high. The scope’s accuracy is among the best in its range.

The eye relief is properly implemented and makes the Sun Optics a convenient option. The scope works fine out of the box, but adjustment options are available if you need them.

If you’re shooting from short, medium or long range, the Sun Optics scope should serve your needs, whether it is well or dimly lit.


  • lightbulb-oThe Sun Optics scope has 1-7x magnification. As a shooter you can make minute adjustments to fit your needs.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope uses a 1 inch tube design. This fortifies the scope against the bumps, hits and recoil.
  • lightbulb-oIts objective lens is 40 mm in diameter. The lens have been specially designed for maximum light transmission.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope optics have multiple coatings. This provides better stability, clarity and durability.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is shockproof and waterproof. What this means is it’s suitable for hunting and other outdoor activities.


  • checkSolid one tube construction
  • checkWaterproof
  • checkGood range
  • checkClear reticle
  • checkPowerful magnification


  • exclamation-triangleLimited instructions
  • exclamation-triangleNot suited for the CZ 7.62
  • exclamation-triangleFinish looks a bit dull

The Sun Optics lives up to its claim of being a quality riflescope. It is compatible with the Ruger and is good for handguns too, not much else you can ask for.

Feyachi 3 in 1 Riflescopes

Feyachi 3 in 1 Riflescopes

Score: 4.2  Andrew Garfield

The Feyachi is a 3 in 1 riflescope, combining a red laser light, red/green holographic dot sight and a dual illuminated reticle. With all these options you’ll have your pick of what targeting mechanism to use.

The Feyachi is compatible with Weaver and Picatinny rails. Even if you don’t have a Ruger Precision Rifle, you’ll be able to install this scope. Mounting is simple and firing several rounds won’t cause any problem.

The optics’ quality is excellent, with sharp contrasts, bright images and accurate color production. Magnification is 4 to 12x, more than enough to provide extra details.

There are multiple brightness levels so you can customize the clarity level. Its 50 mm objective lens is larger than the average, allowing the scope to transmit more light so you can see more.


  • lightbulb-oThe Feyachi has multicoated optical sights. This gives you a clearer field of view whether it is a well or poorly lit location.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver rails. These means you can use the Feyachi with other rifles besides the Ruger.
  • lightbulb-oThe riflescope is equipped with a 50 mm objective lens. What the lens does is enhance light transmission for greater clarity.
  • lightbulb-oThe Feyachi is fitted with adjustments for windage and elevation. With this, a shooter can tweak the scope’s settings.
  • lightbulb-oThe red green reticle has 5 brightness levels. So if it is too bright or dim in your location, tweak the scope until you’re satisfied.


  • checkEnhanced light transmission
  • checkEasy adjustments
  • checkLaser works great in dark places
  • checkFog proof
  • checkWaterproof


  • exclamation-triangleRed laser distance maxes out at 100 m
  • exclamation-triangleThe adjustment controls are stiff at first
  • exclamation-triangleDoes not have a lot of advanced features

The Feyachi 3 in 1 riflescope is an excellent alternative to the more costly Ruger riflescopes. This scope’s precision is equal to high end models, and its compatibility with other rifles is the icing on the cake.

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BSA Sweet  22 Reticle: 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm Duplex reticle Rifle Scope

Score: 4.1  Andrew Garfield

The BSA Sweet is made for the Ruger Precision Rifle and it shows by how easy it is to mount. This scope also works with the majority of popular rifles in the market so compatibility won’t be a problem.

The scope has a 40 mm objective lens and a 3-9x magnification, and together you will get a lot more detail and greater clarity. The images are bright, sharp and the contrast is enough to make aiming easier.

The scope is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof, much more so than the typical scope. You won’t see any glare or reflection while using it.

The scope also has windage and elevation adjustment for extra precision, and the eye relief is one of the most effective we have tried. The scope is for all-weather use, and the construction indicates that it is good enough for long term use.


  • lightbulb-oThe BSA Sweet has a trajectory specific for the. .22. With this you’ll get sufficient trajectory compensation when aiming and firing.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has multicoated optics. This gives the scope greater durability and flexibility than others.
  • lightbulb-oThe BSA is made of durable components. This means you can use the scope for hours on end.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has a 3” eye relief. With this you’ll be able to use the scope without any problems.
  • lightbulb-oThe BSA Sweet is a shockproof and waterproof. What this entails is the scope is ideal for heavy duty use in outdoors.


  • checkGood eye relief
  • checkEnhanced optics
  • checkEasy to adjust
  • checkLens cover included
  • checkFog proof


  • exclamation-triangleAdjustability up to 150 yards only
  • exclamation-triangleScope mounts sold separately
  • exclamation-triangleTurret is a bit low on some mounts

The BSA Sweet Rife Scope is tailor fit for the Ruger and other rifles. Its glass is well made and can handle a lot of heavy use. The scope is very accurate so it’s good for hunting, tactical operation and shooting.

How We Wrote This Review

We wrote these reviews with the mindset of someone who is looking for a riflescope. To be specific, one for the Ruger rifle. To this end we made sure that each of the ten reviews are comprehensive, factual and easy to understand.

We made each review concise but informative. They’re written in a way that a rifle enthusiast can understand, and we also did a lot of research.

All the scopes here are designed to work with Ruger rifles, but we conducted several tests and compared the results to the others available online. We have extensive experience using Ruger rifles and scopes, and this allowed us to sift through the many options and come up with the top ten.

By combining user feedback, information, tests and expert consultation, we were able to come up with these reviews. Next, let’s take a look at the benefits.

Benefits of the Best Scope For Ruger Precision Rifle

These riflescopes provide several advantages over standard scopes. Since these are designed for Ruger rifles you’re assured there will be no compatibility issues.

An incompatible scope can’t handle the Ruger recoil and won’t last, so it makes more sense to invest in a quality riflescope. These riflescopes are also made of solid materials: most are one-piece, but others are two-piece but still durable.

These are made for all-weather use and thrive in low light conditions. Because they’re fully optimized for the Ruger, you’ll have an easier time acquiring targets.

These riflescopes are also equipped with the features needed to simplify target acquisition, namely quality optics, good sized objective lens, comfortable eye relief and adjustment knobs.

Since these tools are built for long term use, you can depend on them for different activities in different locations. The bottom line is you’re better off buying a riflescope that’s meant for the Ruger.

How We Chose the Top 10

The primary criterion is compatibility with the Ruger. But there are plenty of riflescopes that fit that description so we had it add some more. To do that we applied the following guidelines.

  • arrow-rightDurability: we only chose the riflescopes that are built for long term use.
  • arrow-rightRange: the riflescopes in these reviews are versatile, capable of acquiring targets from short, medium and long distance.
  • arrow-rightComfort: all the scopes in our review are designed so users will feel comfortable.
  • arrow-rightAll-weather Use: every riflescope in this guide are waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.
  • arrow-rightVersatility: while the emphasis is on compatibility, the scopes here are also compatible with other rifles.

We applied the criteria above, and that is how we were able to filter the list down to 5. Only after meeting the criteria were the scopes considered.

Who Should Buy These Scopes?

These riflescopes are generally for Ruger Precision Rifle owners. But these versatile riflescopes are also for the following:

  • arrow-rightIf you need a riflescope that’s suitable for all-weather use.
  • arrow-rightIf you need a riflescope that is easy to adjust.
  • arrow-rightIf want a riflescope that’s accurate for short and long range.
  • arrow-rightIf you require a riflescope that can be used in low lit environments.


Ruger rifles have earned a solid reputation for accuracy and range. They’re versatile, powerful and can be used in different situations. However, your rifle is only as good as the scope you’re using.

That is why we mentioned at the beginning of this guide that you’ll need a powerful scope. If you have made it this far, you will know that the riflescopes reviewed here are of the highest quality.

We cannot pick out one scope because they’re all designed for the Ruger. But they do have different features, and what’s right for one may not be for you.

To find the best scope for Ruger Precision Rifle, you have to make your decision based on your budget, how you intend to use your Ruger rifle and what your current and long term needs are. By knowing exactly what you need, getting your hands on the ideal scope will be easy.

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