The 5 Best And Quietest Air Rifles for Backyard Use

Having one of the best and quietest air rifles in your arsenal is of great advantage when keeping your property secure from varmints that cause all kinds of destruction.

Often there is the need to discourage vermins, rabbits, squirrels, and even some birds from their invasive behaviors in your yard. Shooting off a firearm is dangerous, loud, and illegal.

Being a good neighbor means being discreet, quiet, and practical when it comes to securing your property.

If you have an ongoing problem, you may also want to choose one of the Best Shooting Rest in 2021. Review and Buying Guide. Having a shooting rest increases your chances of success in eliminating the nuisance in your yard.

We have listed the best and quietest air rifles that will help to keep the pests out of your attic, garage, and yard and do it all discreetly.

5 Best And Quietest Air Rifles 






Gamo Raptor

Gas piston


Gamo Swarm

10 round rotary-style magazine


Adjustable fiber-optic rear sight


Sidelever action


Choked barrel


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We consider the Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle to be the best and quietest air rifle on the market. The Whisper lives up to its name and has the noise suppressing technology that is known and trusted by shooters around the world. 

With patented technology, the Whisper has an integrated noise and muzzle blast reducer molded onto the barrel, forming a single part.

Using inert Gas Technology (IGT), a gas piston replaces the spring and delivers more terminal velocity at 1300 in .177 caliber and 975 FPS in .22 caliber. There is less vibration which gives more consistent power and a constant and smooth cocking effort.

The smooth action trigger helps the shooter to develop a more precise shot. The smooth action pull maximizes the pinpoint accuracy and has a clean and crisp feel.

The Raptor Whisper comes with an adjustable air rifle shock absorber with three removable absorption cells. They provide 74% more absorption than a standard recoil pad so that you can shoot comfortably.

Weighing in at less than 6 pounds, the polymer jacketed rifled barrel, high-grade ambidextrous stock, and components make this ai rifle very comfortable to carry on the field.


  • Caliber available in .177 or .22
  • Weighs 5.64 lbs
  • Gas piston
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Single cocking break barrel
  • 1300 FPS in .177 caliber 975 in .22 caliber
  • WHISPER noise reduction technology patented by Gamo
  • 4x32 shockproof scope
  • Recoil pad to absorb the recoil

The Gamo Swarm Maxxim is an air rifle that is a 10-shot break barrel. This air rifle for adults is simple to use and shoot. It is one of the quietest air rifles on the market. 

You will be able to use 10 full shots before having to reload. The magazine is easy to load and is also well labeled. This helps you to know how many shots are left in the magazine and when you are out of ammunition. 

The Gamo Swarm comes with a two-stage adjustable Custom Action Trigger (CAT). Using the break barrel single cocking system requires 32 lbs of effort to break open and cock the rifle. 

Less than 6 lbs, the non-slip texture design on the grip and forearm keeps this rifle firmly in your hands. It feels and shoots like a full-size rifle.


  • Available in .177 or .22 caliber pellet
  • Gas piston
  • 1300 FPS with PBA in .177 caliber 975 in .22 caliber
  • Single cocking break barrel
  • 3-9x40 shockproof/fog proof scope included
  • 10 round rotary-style magazine
  • Weighs 5.64 lbs

Stoeger has introduced a fast shooting yet quiet S4000-E air rifle. This quiet air gun comes with multiple features that customize the fit and feel, including MGSand ProAdaptive Checkering technologies. 

The integrated S3 suppressor dramatically reduces shoot noise. The Stoeger has a recoil-absorbing buttpad that makes shooting far more comfortable. 

There is ambidextrous safety, an adjustable two-stage trigger, and interchangeable fiber-optics for the front sight. There is also an included scope on the rifled barrel that helps you accurately hit your target.


  • Comes in .177 and .22 calibers
  • Up to 1200 FPS with .177 caliber
  • Up to 1000 FPS with .22 caliber
  • 4x32 scope
  • Gas piston
  • Interchangeable blue and orange embossed grips
  • Adjustable fiber-optic rear sight

The Bullpup by Hatsan is a side lever action, recharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. You will have quiet energy from this fully shrouded barrel. 

An integrated sound moderator will reduce shot noise by up to 50% making it one of the quietest air rifles. 

The Bullpup comes with an integrated accessory rail for mounting a light or bipod if you so choose. An easy adjusting cheek rest and an adjustable rubber butt pad will enable you to get the correct elevations and angles that you need for accurate shots. 

The Quattro trigger is a two-stage adjustable match trigger. The detachable 230cc air cylinder has an easy read pressure gauge and comes with two detachable rotary magazines and a quick-fill adapter. 

On the Bullpup, the cocking lever is mounted forward of the receiver to make cycling the action quicker and easier than most other air rifles. 


  • Calibers: .177, .22, .25
  • Side lever action
  • Has a capacity of 9 - 10 rotary clips
  • 1070 FPS
  • Weighs 8.6 lbs
  • Pre-charge pneumatic
  • Shots per fill: 40

Get this Benjamin Marauder in either a .22 or .25 caliber. The air rifle features a wood stock with an ambidextrous raised comb and a reversible bolt handle.
It is a hefty gun that weighs in at a bit over nine pounds. The choked barrel enables the rifle to fire pellets with a higher degree of accuracy. The magazine has a pellet capacity of 10 pellets with an auto-indexing feature.
The .22 caliber fires lead pellets at a speed of 1000 feet per second (FPS). Ideal for hunting small game, the Marauder operates on compressed air as well as CO2.
The built-in pressure gauge helps to connect and disconnect the stock for faster refills quickly.


  • Adjustable comb
  • Reversible bolt
  • Comes in .22 or .25 caliber
  • 10 shot rotary mag (8shot in .245 cal)
  • Choked barrel
  • Raised Aluminum breech
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger
  • Internally shrouded
  • European hardwood stock

In Conclusion

A quiet air rifle is a great device to keep vermin and unwanted critters from invading your property, garage, or barns. They allow you to discreetly dispatch, or warn off, those varmints that create havoc and destruction in your garden.

Critters can also get up in vehicles' engines and chew on wires and make nests that end up with hundreds of dollars in repairs. A quiet air rifle can help keep all of those problems at bay.


Are air rifle guns quieter because they are not as powerful?

Some people may think that an air rifle is just a powerful toy, but that is entirely wrong. While they are not considered a firearm, air rifles are incredibly powerful. An air rifle will kill animals like vermin or squirrels and can be dangerous if not used properly.

What other advantages are there to an air-rifle besides them being quieter?

Air rifles are an excellent way to practice and improve your shooting skills. The cost of pellets is much less than ammo. In most states, shooting a firearm in residential spaces is illegal, but using an air-rifle is allowed so that you could practice in your backyard.

Do I need any safety equipment when using an air rifle?

When using an air rifle, you should wear safety glasses. So should anyone who is in the same vicinity. Injury can occur with a pellet miss the intended target or if the pellet hosts something that causes it to ricochets. Always be safe when using any type of gun.

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