5 Best Scope Rings

As essential as bases, scope rings are the only points where the scope attaches to the firearm. If those rings are not quality, the scope can move or shift.

That moving or shifting, even if it is slight, will negatively impact your accuracy. Scope rings are essential pieces of equipment for both hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts.

You will need a premium scope with high quality scope rings to hit your target consistently and with accuracy. We feel that the very best scope rings are the Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm riflescope rings.

Once you have your base and rings, you may be interested in the Top 10 Best Rifle Scope For Target Shooting.

The Best 5 Scope Rings of 2021 Reviews






Vortex Optics Pro Series


lug coil


Warne Scope Mounts

CNC machined from sintered steel for strength


AccuShot Picatinny


It fits all Picatinny and Weaver rails


Vortex Precision Matched

Hard coated anodized for longevity


Weaver Tactical Rings

Aircraft-grade aluminum


The Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm riflescope rings will be the finishing touch to your rifle and optics combination. These Pro Series rings combine rock-solid reliability and strength.

The high-quality machining ensures the ultimate accuracy and consistency. Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, the Vortex Tactical has an anodized black matte finish.

Four T-25 Torx screws per ring clamp down tight, and laser engraved torque specs ensure proper tightness.

The base features integrated recoil lugs. Made in the USA, the Vortex Pro Series scope rings attach to any Picatinny rail and most cross-bolt scope bases.

Key Features:

  • Integrated lug coil
  • Four screws per ring
  • It fits Picatinny and cross-bolt bases
  • Type 2 matte black anodized

2. Warne Scope Mounts

Warne 30mm fixed riflescope rings secure your optic to your firearm with precision and ease. Machined from sintered steel, these rings will provide maximum strength and reliable clamping with every use.

The Warne scope rings feature square, permanently installed coil keys that ensure positive engagement of the rings to the base. This allows for a more efficient return to zero while at the same time enhancing each ring's rigidity.

These Warne 30mm scope rings will attach to any Picatinny or Weaver-style base.

Key Features:

  • CNC machined from sintered steel for strength
  • Permanently installed recoil keys
  • STANAG 4694 interface gives a better return to zero
  • It fits both Picatinny and Weaver-style bases

The AccuShot rifle scope rings are precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and have an anodized black matte finish.

The user-friendly hex screws have a retention feature and a full-length locking plate.

This guarantees easy installation and a secure fit. Budget-friendly, the AccuShot uses quad-screw setups on the rings. The head design makes them very easy to draw down tightly.

Key Features:

  • Black matte finish
  • Budget-friendly
  • It fits all Picatinny and Weaver rails

The Vortex quick-release cantilever mount will mount telescopic sights onto a flat top-style rifle with 30mm tubes.

The offset of this cantilever mount positions the scope in a forward location. This provides correct eye relief and head placement when used on an AR-15.

When you use the Vortex Optics Precision, you'll have the assurance that your scope will be appropriately aligned and gives you generous eye relief.

Key Features:

  • Architectural grade aluminum
  • Hard coated anodized for longevity
  • Quick-release mechanism

5. Weaver Tactical Rings

Weaver Tactical Rings 30mm

These Weaver aircraft-grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for minimum security.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the Weaver rings will hold up in any weather.

The Weaver slot dimensions make them compatible on both Weaver and Picatinny rails and bases. They also feature Weaver's famous rock-solid cross-lock design.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • No-strip Torx screws
  • Lightweight, but strong

Buying Guide For Rifle Scope Rings

"Rings" are a general term used to describe the implements that will affix a scope to a firearm.

Most firearms will need a special attachment, usually called a base, mounted on the rifle. This base is the means to attach scope rings to the rifle.

Some rings are designed to attach the scope directly to the firearm, and others will require a base. The rings attach to the base, and that, in turn, is mounted to the firearm.

The Size Of Scope Rings For Rifles

Scope rings will need to match the tube diameter of the scope. Simply put, a 30mm scope will need 30mm rings.

The most common tube diameters are 1 inch and 30mm, although there are other sizes.

Scope Ring Heights

Ring heights will impact how high the scope sits above the bore of the rifle. It is best to have a scope mounted as close to the bore of the rifle as possible.

The closer the scope is to the bore of the rifle, means fewer adjustments.

Typically, most ring brands will be available in a standard or a high height.

Rings Will Come In Different Configurations

Rings will come in several different configurations. They may not always be two separate rings.

Rings can be one-piece. They may also be a ring and a base combined into one unit. These configurations will vary by manufacturer.

Some rifles and shotgun brands may have a proprietary system that requires special rings or bases that the manufacturer supplies.

Make sure you check the information about your rifle and the type of rings it requires before purchasing a set for your firearm.

In Conclusion

Your firearm is an investment, and the scope rings that you use on your firearm should match the quality of your rifle and scope.

Having reliable scope rings will ensure accuracy every time you shoot and give you the assurance of reliability whenever you need it.


How tight should the scope ring be?

The amount of force needed is measured in inches/pounds. This is generally called torque weight. Each brand of scope ring will have its own recommended torque setting. 

They can vary between 15-20 in/lbs all the way up to 30 in/lbs. 

Follow the manufacturer's suggestions that come with the scope rings.

Do rifle scope rings have a top and bottom?

Most scope rings have an upper and lower or a left and right half. The scope rings that are divided horizontally attach the lower portion first to the base on the rifle. 

Once both of the halves are in place, place the scope on top of the bottom halves of the rings.

After you position the scope correctly, the upper half of the ring gets tightened down. The screws hold the two halves together.

If you have rings that are halved vertically, side-mounted screws are used to tighten the left and right halves around the scope and the base.

How much pressure should I use when tightening down the scope rings?

Apply even screw pressure when tightening the rings and base. Make sure the scope is secure, and the screws are tight. 

However, they should not be so tight that they can't be removed. Never turn a screw so tightly that the tool you're using cuts into the hex head hole or screw slot.

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