How to Choose the Best Paintball for Woodsball?

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You need to be outstanding when playing any airsoft game. The paintballs you choose for your game need to be of the best quality to enable you to win and outdo your opponents.

Good quality paintballs feature a strong material that bursts after it hits the target. Your accuracy in playing woodsball is also demanding. 

You are most likely to hit your target as their shot is accurate and straight. Whether you are playing tournaments or just practicing for the near future, choose quality paintballs. I have made this guide to give you some tips on choosing the best paintball for woodsball.

What is Woodsball Paintball?

Paintball is a sport in which players shoot their opponents with sphere-shaped objects that break upon hitting the target. 

Woodsball is an outdoor game whereby you pass the ball through gates by the use of a mallet. Woodsball paintball, also known as woods paintball, is a sport whereby players challenge one another by using paintball guns to mark their competitors. 

You can play the game outdoors or in recreational fields and natural terrains by both parties.

The area for playing woodsball paintball will be dependent on the availability of land. The number of layers in every game determines the time the game will take.

During the sport, the players need to organize themselves in terms of the equipment or the roles.

Woodsball paintball is, however, affected by the weather. Players are concerned because they do not have a clear vision; the paintballs may become invisible whenever there is fog. 

Extremely hot or cold temperatures may affect the paintballs and carbon dioxide and thus alter their movement.

Wind affects the directions in which the paintballs go. Ensure that you have the standard paintball equipment.

How to Choose the Best Paintball for Woodsball?

Before you pick any paintball for woodsball, consider the following tips.

1.Check the Quality

It might be hard for a beginner to know the best paintball for you, unlike someone conversant with the game.

Make sure that the paintballs you choose will fit the size of your barrel’s hole completely.

It will make your work easy during the sport as you don’t need to struggle to put the paintballs in place.

Good quality paintballs should endure and withstand all weather conditions.

2.Consider the Durability

The type of paintballs you choose should be durable regardless of the caliber.

Durable paintballs are chewy and coated with a strong gelatin shell. These types of paintballs also have a fill, which is the liquid substance in them.

They should remain strong even after being thrown. They should not break. If the paintballs are of a higher price, they are unlikely to break after hitting objects. 

Ensure that the paintballs are well rounded. They should be free from swellings as it will affect your game. They may also be the breaking points of the paintballs, thus lowering its quality.

3.Consider the Price

Take your time to research the kind of paintballs you want to purchase and then compare it with your budget.

Buying cheap paintballs may seem reasonable, but in the long run, it will cost you.

You will suffer a loss as you have to go back to the market to buy other paintballs.

Therefore, you should purchase the paintballs worth the money as their features are also great. 

Let them be pocket friendly and serve the required purpose. It features, in terms of accuracy and performance, should be worth the money used.

It would be best if you got the value for the money you’ve spent on the paintballs.

The less expensive paintballs are oil-based, whereas the costly type is water-based.

4.The Freshness of the Pain 

Naturally, the gelatin tends to weaken with time, and being the coating for paintballs, and they age very fast.

It affects your game because the paintballs may break even before they reach their target. They may also swell and burst.

Your paintballs need to be fresh in that they will not be easily affected by moisture and humidity.

To know whether the paintballs are new, you need to carry out the following test;

1. Prepare a concrete hole of around 6 feet or any hard surface

2.Take paintballs in your arm (full arm)

3.Drop the paintballs in the concrete/ the hard surface. They should bounce back to you if at all they are in good condition.

4. Let the paintballs bounce in some more times. Those that will break are not very good to play. Those that do not fail are very fresh and good for the game.

You can also test the freshness by checking on the manufacturer’s date. The paintballs should be clean with smooth seams to help you with accuracy.


Before you decide on the kind of paintballs you want to purchase, consider its color.

If your paintballs are for playing in the evenings, you need to get bright colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, or neon colors.

It will improve your vision. The colors also contrast with the camouflaging outfit that your opponents are wearing.

6.Their Efficiency in Shooting

Take your time and assess the paintballs shooting efficiency. It should be very accurate to ensure that you do not miss your target.

Paintballs of a higher quality will always have high-efficiency shots, whereas low-quality paintballs have low efficiency, and they may easily break or burst when you are shooting. I

t might mess up your game, and you are likely to lose concentration when playing.

7.Research On Their Toxicity

You need to know how safe the paintballs are to you. The manufacturer should indicate assuring you that you are safe when using the paintballs.

They should not cause worry or harm if they come into contact with your body parts.

Paintballs should be biodegradable so as not to be a health or environmental hazard.  

Non-toxic paintballs will also be easy to clean from your clothing in case they come into contact.

You will only need plain water to remove the coloring from your garment. Look for the eco-friendly type.

The water-based paintballs are easy to clean on surfaces, unlike oil-based.

The oil-based paintballs may also form sticky debris in your gun and thus need to clean regularly.


Safety in playing woodsball paintball starts with you. Be in the right attire for gaming.

It includes camouflage and dark colors, combat boots, and loose-fitting clothing to make your movement easy. It will protect you when playing. 

The manufacturer should enhance that the paintballs are well packing to reach you safely without any breakages.

It would be best to store them in a box or container at room temperature to prevent them from sticking together, thus losing color.

It also prevents them from leaking out. It should be safe for you as well as for your opponent.


Good quality paintballs will determine your general performance in your woodsball paintball sport.

The paintballs should have a hard and sturdy shell made of gelatin. It prevents it from breaking before hitting your target.

The paintballs you purchase should also be well rounded without any dimples to improve their accuracy. 

Look for the paintballs that are non-biodegradable and thus environmentally friendly.

They should be safe to use for you and tour opponents and should be easy to clean.

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