Gloryfire Gun Cleaning Kit Review

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Gloryfire Gun Cleaning kit can use it for all types of shotguns, rifles, and pistols. It is a budget-priced kit that gives you a little bit of everything. 

It is an excellent way to get a foundation for your gun cleaning needs and then add additional items if need be. 

Gloryfire gets you going with 159 pieces in this set. At a price, it makes for a great gift too. It is under $50 in most places, and Amazon has the kit for just shy of $45.

It is perfect for the young shooter to start out and for the experienced person who likes having an organized kit and keeps items easy to find. 

One of the best things about this kit that contains various accessories is that each cleaning implement has a label with the caliber. 

That takes the guesswork out of which one to use. In addition to the marking on the tool, the case itself has a corresponding mark so that it is easy to put the item back in the correct slot in the kit. 

Glorify Universal Gun cleaning kit will save you both time and frustration and make the cleaning process so much easier.

Gloryfire Universal Kit Review

The Gloryfire Gun Cleaning Kit is universal. It can be used it kits with all types of shotguns, rifles, and pistols. 

That makes it handy if you have several types of firearms. The kit has a little bit of everything in the most used sizes. 

The plastic case itself is on the large at 16 inches by 10 inches. It is deep olive green in color, and while the patient is large, it is not overly thick, so it would be accessible to the side under the seat of a vehicle if you want to take it along with you. 

It weighs in at about three pounds. The one thing you will need to supply yourself is CLP (Clean, Lubricate, Protect). 

Gloryfire provides a compartment on the bottom left and right-hand side of the case. Each box has a plastic bottle with a needle-nose tip. 

One bottle is 30mm and the other 50mm. You will be able to put your CLP or gun cleaning solvent in one or both bottles and carry it along with the kit.

The cleaning rods are made from brass and reinforced for strength.e; these rods will serve their purpose well.

You don’t want to have a broken jag tip inside your gun barrel, that’s for sure! 

Made from a high-quality nylon plastic that is a more solemn duty to do the job without breaking, the slotted tips and cleaning jags are relatively healthy.

The kit contains these items:

Three solid brass rods for .17 – .270 caliber rifles and pistols

Three solid rods for .30 caliber large rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzleloaders

Three brushes: brass, iron, nylon

Four polishing cloths that are 7.1″ X 7.1.”

Fifty cleaning patches that are 3″ X 3.”

12 spear-pointed jags

One black powder jag

Four slotted patch loops

Three brass accessory adapters

Three muzzle guards

Nine mops

14 bronze brushes

One empty oil bottle 30 ml

One empty oil bottle 50 ml

Why It Is Important To Clean Your Gun

If you take proper care of your gun and clean it regularly, your rifle will not show the effects of age, even when not in use.

Moisture is one of the main enemies of your gun. If water collects on a weapon without it being taken care of, it will be rendered useless.

Take care when hunting or shooting in cold weather and then bringing your firearm indoors where it is warmer. 

Condensation will collect on the gun soon after. Depending on where you hunt or when you are at the range, exposure to rain, snow, or saltwater is possible. 

When near a body of salt water, the salt is going to be in the air.

Gloryfire Gun cleaning kit is also essential to clean your gun as most malfunctions in a firearm are from the weapon being dirty. 

Dirt and dust can accumulate and interfere with the way (and if) the firearm will shoot properly.

If you regularly clean your gun, you can also monitor the state of the interior. You will be able to detect a crack or metal burrs.

You will significantly improve the durability and longevity of your firearm. A well-cared-for gun could last a long time, with some passed down through generations. 

Rust is an enemy of firearms, and frequent cleaning will protect and preserve a gun.

Avoid The Fouling Of Your Gun

Fouling occurs when you push a relatively soft metal (like a bullet) down a relatively hard bore (like a gun barrel) at a high rate of speed. Metal from the shot is rubbed off the bullet’s surface and left inside the gun’s barrel.

If a gun is left uncleaned, fouling will destroy the accuracy and can result in a pitted bore that will inhibit the gun’s ability to fire accurately from there on out.

When you are consistent in the cleaning of your gun, you also become familiar with the workings. 

Being able to dismantle and reassemble your gun helps you understand how the parts work together. If there are minor fixes that your gun needs, you would be able to do them independently.

What To Look For In A Gun Cleaning Kit

There is a wide variety of gun cleaning kits on the market from various manufacturers. It can be challenging to decide which one is best for you. 

Gloryfire Gun cleaning is especially true if you are a relatively new shooter.

When making the decision take into account, of course, what guns you own that you will be cleaning, how you plan to use the gun cleaning kit, and what your personal preferences are.

When looking at the various options in kits, match it up to the guns that you own. Kits can be for handguns only, and some will be for rifles or shotguns. 

A universal kit should have implements that will clean all three types of firearms.


 Like a universal, you may not want to haul into the field as it is usually larger and bulkier. In those cases, a field kit would work well as it is much smaller and carries just the essentials. 

If you plan on cleaning your guns at home, then a universal kit would cover all of your needs, especially if you have several types of firearms.

There are those shooters who find the gun cleaning process a happy and soothing event. They will take their time and spend several hours cleaning a firearm. 

Others might see it as a chore and want to get it done as quickly as possible. 

If you are a person who likes to take your time, a universal gun cleaning kit will be the kit that would work best for you. 

If you prefer to get the job done and over with, a smaller field kit tailored to your firearm would probably suit you best.

Tools To Have In Your Gun Cleaning Arsenal

Cleaning Jag: You will put a cotton cleaning patch on the jag’s center, allowing you to get a 360 degree clean. 

The jag might be made out of nickel or brass to prevent them from scratching the barrel. You want to make sure that you get all of the solvents out of the barrel. 

If left in the barrel to dry, it can cause the metal of the gun to rust.

Slotted Patch Holder: The patch holder does the same job as a cleaning jag. The slotted patch holder does the same position. 

Put the cotton on end, and it removes the excess solvent from the gun barrel.

Bronze Brush: Use the bronze brush as the first brush passed down the gun barrel to remove the more massive carbon buildup. You should have a high-quality bronze brush in whatever kit you purchase.

Nylon Brush:   you can use it on a susceptible part of your gun. These brushes will reach carved areas and hard to reach spots.

Double-Ended Brushes: These brushes are in a toothbrush style and are used to clean the exterior of a firearm. You will find these brushes in stainless steel, nylon, and brass.

Cleaning rod: Use the cleaning rod to attach the other components of a gun cleaning kit like the slotted patch holder, the cleaning jag, the cleaning swab, and the brushes. 

Rods will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The material will also vary. The grip on the handle will also have different configurations. 

If possible, try out the different handles at a sporting goods store before purchasing so that you get the one that works best for you.

Cleaning Patches: These small cotton patches are about 3 inches by 3 inches. 

They will have a cleaning solvent placed on their surface and then placed on the cleaning jag or slotted patch holder. 

The patch is then slowly pushed down the chambers and bore of the gun.

Cleaning Swabs: Use a cleaning swab in the same way that you would use a brush. It can also be called a gun mop. 

The swab is made of cotton and will remove any leftover residue in the barrel. Gloryfire Gun cleaning will remove any of the excess oil that is in the gun barrel.

Cotton Swabs: These cotton swabs are not like the cut kind that you find in most stores. They are made especially for detailing firearms. 

These cotton swabs are on a wooden stick, about six inches long. The handle makes it easy to push down the barrel and enable you to apply a bit more pressure.

Cleaning Solvent: This solvent cleans, lubricates, and protects your gun. Most of the time, the solvent referred to as CLP. It is another area of gun cleaning where there will be many choices, and experienced shooters will have their preferences.

Bore Snake: Using the bore snake does not replace cleaning your gun after use. The bore snake, used with CLP, will give you a quick clean after firing your gun. 

You will need to purchase the snake that is the correct size for your firearm.

How To Clean Your Gun

While some people are old hats at gun cleaning and could do so in their sleep, there are still those to whom it is a new experience.

Any skill takes time to perfect, and each gun has its own story to tell. 

The more you are around guns and then more different ones that you clean, it will become apparent that no two feel the same, even if they are the same type of gun.

The article on  A Beginner’s Guide on How to Clean a Gun will get you started in the right direction.

In Conclusion

A gun is an investment. Whether you use it on a range, for hunting, or personal protection, a well-maintained weapon will last you your lifetime.

You develop a “feel” for your gun the more you use it. As you get to know your gun, cleaning will be part of the process that helps you familiarize yourself and become more proficient with the Gloryfire Gun cleaning kit.


What are the benefits of a gun cleaning kit?

When you use it, a kit will keep your gun in top working order and prevent it from rust and corrosion. A tool is also less expensive than buying each component separately.

How do you store guns after cleaning?

It’s best to store your gun somewhere that is both dark and warm. ALWAYS keep your firearm under lock and key and separate from the ammunition.

How long does it take to clean a gun?

It will depend on the type of gun, but it should take less than 15 minutes in general. Some people like to take their time and can spend an hour or so cleaning and protecting their firearm.

Do you need to clean a gun if I don’t use it?

Yes, it would be best if you still cleaned a gun, whether you have used it or not, once every six months. Gloryfire Gun cleaning is what most manufacturers recommend.

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