Choosing Buffer Tubes and Buffer Springs: Factors to Consider

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Very few things can be more critical for gun lovers than to ensure smooth recoil impulse and efficient functioning of their guns. Having the right buffer tube and buffer spring is essential to tune an AR-pattern rifle. The buffer tube houses the buffer and buffer spring that are mechanical components affecting the AR’s cyclic action.

The buffer tube serves many purposes. It houses the recoil buffer and recoil spring. It acts as a shock absorber between the bolt carrier and the receiver as it slows the bolt carrier before returning it to the forward position, where the bolt is cammed and closed on a new round. The quality of your buffer kit determines the functionality of your AR rifles or Carbine.

Whether you are looking for a buffer kit that would improve your rifles’ functionality or replacement due to wear and tear, buying a high-quality buffer kit or buffer tubes and springs from a renowned supplier is crucial to make sure that your gun works to its highest efficiency.
Here is a lowdown of all the crucial factors that you should consider to make the best choice and purchase the most suitable buffer kit for your AR rifle or Carbine.

Buffer Weight
The weight of the buffer is one of the most important factors to consider as it enables the smooth operation of your rifles and extends the overall life of the parts. Choosing the buffer of the right weight for your AR rifle depends upon various factors, such as the size of your rifle’s gas port, the length of the gas system, the ammunition you use, and whether or not you will use a suppressor.

Rifle Buffer Weight: – A rifle buffer is made of five steel weights and a steel spacer. The buffer weighs around 5 oz or 142 g. You can choose a different combination of steel weights for the best tuning of one’s rifle.
Available in three steel weights with weight ranging from 3.8 oz to 5.6 oz. H1:- The H1 buffer weighs around 3.8 ounces and is made of one tungsten and two steel components.
H2:- Its composition includes two tungsten and one steel component with its weight around 4.6 oz.
H3:- It uses three tungsten materials with its maximum weight around 5.6 oz.

Length of Buffer

Buffer comes in two different lengths suited for rifles and carbines—rifle buffers for standard A2 buffer tubes that suitably occupy the extra space in the fixed stock ARs. Carbine buffers are smaller as they have to fit into small carbine buffer tubes in the collapsible stock of carbines.
Kind of Build-up Materials Used

Kind of Build-up Materials Used
No two AR-15 buffers are the same. Steel, aluminum, and tungsten, made, and buyers must decide this factor before buffers purchase; steel buffers are the most reliable and deliver superb value to AR-15 owners. Tungsten buffers weigh 1.5 ounces and are the most durable option, while Aluminium buffers are the lightest, with their weight around 0.22 ounces.

Choosing the Right Buffer Springs

Although you may find all buffer springs looking identical to each other, there are crucial differences that you should know to make the right choice. Picking up the right spring would affect your rifle’s functionality. Rifle and carbine buffer springs vary in length. A standard rifle spring usually has a typical size of 12.75inches and allows 41 to 42 coils, while a carbine spring is 10.5 inches in length, allowing 37-39 coils.
When you choose a buffer spring with a rough surface, you may listen to a ‘Twang’ sound or sound like a plucked banjo string. Due to the buffer spring rubbing against the buffer tube’s interiors. For this, you should pick a spring with a smoother surface or an exceptional finish that enhances lubricity.

Based on the type of your gun and specific needs, you should choose the right size of buffer springs and buffer weight. Be it a carbine to be used in a competition, designing a long-range AR rifle, or looking for replacement parts of your pistol. taking into account these factors and doing your due diligence to know more about their availability will facilitate you to not only choose the highest quality firearm accessories. but also ensure the top functionality, besides getting maximum value for money.

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