10 Optics Accessories Any Shooter Should Own

Sometimes, it is the little things that make the biggest difference and having the right optics accessories falls into that category.

Having the right shooter’s optics accessory can make your time on the range or in the field either rewarding or one of frustration because your lens fogged up or got scratched.

Here are 10 optics accessories that you will need at the range or out in the field.

10 Best Optics Accessories






Gosky Universal

Compatible with Binoculars



Rubberized flip-up rifle scope lens


Vortex Optics

Lightweight Kit


Butler Creek

Two pliable rubber-like caps



 Full lifetime guarantee


Down Under

Elastic tear-resistant silicone rubber




Two-step LensPen



Lightweight and compact



Easy to use


One Tigris

Good fit for a variety of rifles


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When you are out in the field or at the range, you can use the Gosky Universal cell phone adapter to capture the images seen through your lens. The Gosky works with binoculars that have an eyepiece outer diameter from 1.102 inches to 1.85 inches.

With a spotting scope, you will be able to see those deer or elk in the distance, and be able to get great pictures and videos of them. The Gosky works with spotting scopes that have a straight or angled eyepiece less than 1.850 inches.

You will be able to get the same awesome pictures with your telescope and share them with family and friends. The scope mount is tight and versatile, and the phone holder is padded for protection.

For under $20, you can have a way to capture and share the unique and interesting things in nature that you see.

The scope on your rifle is a delicate and precision instrument. When you finally find the right scope that fits and works perfectly on your rifle, you want to protect it and take care so that it works trouble-free at all times.

An easy and inexpensive way to protect your rifle scope is with a lens cover. The Monstrum will help protect the sensitive lens while you are transporting your gun, while it is in the case and when you are moving from place to place at the range or while hunting.

The Monstrum is a rubberized flip-up rifle scope lens cover that will fit tightly and conform to your rifle scope tube. Keep dust and dirt away from the lens so that scratches don’t ruin your lens.

The spring-loaded flip-up mechanism will pop open without effort when you need it and secure tightly when not in use. The Monstrum optics accessory comes in a full range of sizes and is about ten dollars, which is a small price to pay to protect your favorite scope.

You can’t hit your target if you can’t see it. It is as simple as that. And the solution is to have a kit that will give you a clear field of vision. The Vortex is a lightweight kit that is small enough to slip in your gun case and be ready for whenever you need it.

A soft bristle brush will get rid of any dirt or grit on your lens without scratching. The anti-fog spray cleaner will keep your lens from fogging up without affecting any of the lens’s optical properties.

This optics accessory includes lens cloths that are soft and give an abrasion-free clean. Use the Vortex on your rifle scopes, sights, binoculars, monoculars, or other lenses that need a clean surface.

With the Butler Creek rifle scope cover, you will be able to wear a bikini no matter the weather or time of year. Well, you might not be able to actually wear it, but your rifle can. The Butler Creek bikini rifle scope cover can protect the optics on your rifle scope with objectives effectively and efficiently. 

The cover has two pliable rubber-like caps that keep your scope lens free from dust and dirt by forming a moisture-proof seal over them. The rifle scope bikini is a simple, one-piece design that features stretch retainers. 

These retainers hold two rubber caps firm against either end of the scope to keep the lens free from dirt and protect against scratches.

Remember the proverb, “for the want of a nail, the battle was lost?” The same holds true for your rifle scope. For the want of a small, simple tool, you won’t be able to properly seat your scope.

The Leupold is a useful tool that features one slotted screwdriver, two Torx drivers, and five hex-head drivers. This shooter’s optics accessory is as practical in the field as it is in your workshop.

You will be able to make windage and elevation adjustments and install rings and mount bases. Leupold is a well-known name in the hunting optics business, and this simple and essential tool comes with Leupold’s full lifetime guarantee.

Rain or shine, having scope covers that keep your optics dry and glare-free without having to remove anything is a valuable tool when you are out in the field. In the past, you may have had to let the rain end your hunt, but that is a thing of the past with the Down Under scope cover.

The beauty of these covers is that, when your opportunity comes, you don’t have to stop to remove or raise the cover. Your scope lens is always protected and always ready. Once you have them on, you can leave them on indefinitely.

The covers are virtually unbreakable, made from high-quality, UV stabilized, soft, and elastic tear-resistant silicone rubber. They are easily removed if you desire and are not affected by gun oils or cleaners.

The overhanging part of the cover can be folded back to lie flat on the scope if you prefer. This optics accessory for shooters comes in three different sizes and with a lifetime warranty.

Slip this compact, two-step LensPen in your pocket to have it at the ready. Another fine product from optics maker Leupold, the LensPen, has a natural hair brush.

You can retract the brush when it is not in use. This retraction helps keep the brush clean, and a clean brush is key as it is what touches the lens of your scope, camera, or binoculars.

The microfiber on the Leupold LensPen will automatically replenish itself with a state-of-the-art dry cleaning compound when you retract the brush into the LensPen.

Both compact and ergonomically designed, this cleaning pen is great to take with you to the range or in the field.

This tactical flashlight is lightweight and compact. It features high lumen lithium battery-powered light and the latest in shock-proof LED technology. This Streamlight is a shooting accessory that will give you one and a half hours of continuous run time.

The LED provides 1000 lumens to deliver a powerful range of light that will reach over 900 feet. A handy rail clamp allows you to rapidly attach and detach the flashlight from the side of a weapon. This light will fit handguns and long-guns and be able to switch from one to the other in a matter of seconds.

The wide, peripheral beam will let you see what is around you, and it includes a strobe setting that you can use for signaling or disorienting. Built with an unbreakable, scratch-resistant, and gasket-sealed lens, the Streamlight will operate in extreme temperatures.

You can use this laser to sight your gun faster than any other method. With a simple process, you will save time and get on with the fun part at the firing range.

You only need to fire 2 to 3 rounds to sight your gun in accurately, which will also save you on ammo. Easy to use, just find the right adapter for your caliber, shine your laser out to 25 yards, adjust the crosshairs to the dot, and fire.

The universal design of the Laserlyte will fill all guns from 22 to 50 caliber, and it only requires a 3-inch barrel. This laser will work with shooting scopes, iron sights, and you can even sight in laser gun sights

Make life on the trail a lot easier with the OneTigris shooting rifle shell holder. You will never have to hunt for your ammo again or fumble it out of your pocket. With this shell holder, your ammo will always be at the ready and easily reached.

The OneTigris shell holder slips over the end of your rifle stock, and you then tighten it in place with the straps. This adjustability makes this shell holder a good fit for a variety of rifles.

There are straps on the outside of the holder to hold 5 shotgun shells, and in the zipper pouch, there is another insert that will hold 7 rifle rounds.

These units are interchangeable with Velcro holders so that you can swap out which one you prefer to be on the outside. The zippered pouch holds the extra ammo in place and keeps it accessible should you need it.

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