5 Best Rifle Scopes Under $400 [Reviews]

Best Rifle Scope under 400
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Are you looking for the best rifle scope under $400? Odds are you have seen several rifle scopes, and you’ve been thinking about upgrading the one on your rifle. Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get a quality scope.

The importance of a good rifle scope cannot be stressed enough. By using the right scope you’ll improve your aim and gain more confidence. If you’re hunting, a well made scope will also produce the same effect.

Not only can a scope this, but you’ll get these benefits without spending more than 400 dollars for it. With so many products on the web it’s easy to get confused with all the options, but now we have narrowed the field down so you can choose. Before we go to the actual reviews, let’s take a look at how we came about these reviews.

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How We Wrote This Review

Like you, we don’t want to spend any more than we have to when it comes to a rifle scope, and that is why we prepared this guide.

All the reviews here are written by experts; People who are familiar with rifle scopes and have actual experience using them.

Second, we wrote these reviews with real users in mind. We focused on the essentials, the pros and cons so you will know what the features are of each scope.

We also took into consideration the feedback of people who have bought these products. We also asked our team of rifle scope experts to assist in choosing the top 5. After narrowing the list down to these five, we made sure that each review was written in a way that’s easy to understand.

Benefits of the Best Rifle Scope under 400  

Scopes have the same purpose, let you zero in on a target. However there are several benefits that you’ll get by purchasing one of these scopes. The most common obvious one is the price tag. Even though these scopes cost less than 400 dollars, they’re still effective and have a lot of useful features.

These scopes also have many of the features that advanced rifle scopes. All the scopes in our reviews are waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. They also have clear optics so you will be able to use the scope in different situations and weather conditions.

These scopes are also versatile: some of them are meant for target shooting. Others are for hunting, keeping pests away, etc. Whatever the case may be, all of the rifles scopes here can do all those things so you get more value for your money.

Our Picks

Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope

The Millett 4-16×50 is a versatile riflescope that’s as suited for tactical operations as it is for game hunting and target shooting. The Millett has also been thoroughly tested prior to being released, ensuring its durability.

The scope also has a 50 mm objective lens, and when used in conjunction with the 4-16x magnification you get clearer, crisper images. Its mil-dot reticle green illumination is adjustable so you can improve your aim.  With its multicoated optics you’ll also be able to set the scope the way you want.

The eye relief is good, and the construction is rock solid. The Millett gives you a lot of control over the targeting and its accuracy. It is compatible with a lot of scopes, and it has a light learning curve. The turrets’ design could be better, but it’s easy to adjust and good for long range shooting. Returning to zero is quick and the clicks respond well.

Features and Benefits:

  • lightbulb-oThe Millett rifle scope is equipped with high end optics. These provide you with HD quality views for easier target acquisition.
  • lightbulb-oThe Millett has 0.1 mm click adjusting. Using this feature you’ll be able to fine tune the scope.
  • lightbulb-oIts optics are multicoated and built for long term use. This results in crisper and brighter images.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is equipped with a high quality reticle. This allows you to use the scope in different lighting conditions for greater precision.
  • lightbulb-oThe riflescope has a 4-16x magnification. With this you’ll be able to zoom in without losing detail.


  • checkClear optics
  • checkDurable finish
  • checkGood eye relief
  • checkImproves accuracy
  • checkExtensively tested


  • exclamation-triangleThere is very slight blurring at the edges at max zoom
  • exclamation-triangleThe scope is a little heavy
  • exclamation-triangleThe elevation turret design could be better

The Millett riflescope is packed with a lot of features, all of them useful. The clear optics, the range and durable finish combine to make the Millett an efficient scope.

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Tactical Millett Tactical 4-16X A-TACS

Another Millet scope makes our list thanks to its powerful features. Chief among these is the A-TACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment System), making this one of the more durable scopes available.

The Tactical Millett also has an illuminated mil-dot bar reticle and multicoated optics. Together these make the scope ideal for use at dusk, dawn and otherwise low lighting. We also like the multicoated optics and the objective lens as it leads to clearer, sharper images.

The scope’s quality is very high overall, and it is solidly built. The optics are bright and clear, plus its adjustability ranks among the best out there. The scope is heavier and larger than the typical scope, but it’s not a deal breaker. The reticle is also well made.

The clicks are very noticeable and the elevation and windage adjustments are especially good. The level of precision you can get is is exceptional, so it’s definitely suitable for anyone who needs a pinpoint scope.

Features and Benefits:

  • lightbulb-oThe scope has a 4-16x magnifications With its powerful objective lens you’ll get a a sharper view.
  • lightbulb-oIts field of view is 29-8 @ 100 yards. This is sufficient to give you the proper perspective when targeting.
  • lightbulb-oIts green illumination is adjustable. By tweaking the settings you’ll be able to set thee scope as you want.
  • lightbulb-oThe Tactical Millett has a Mil-dot bar system. This leads to greater accuracy and aim.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has multicoated optics which enhance light transmission. This makes the Millett scope a good choice for use in low light environments.


  • checkEasy to use for beginners
  • checkGood for long distance shooting
  • checkCompatible with a lot of rifles
  • checkWorks under different lighting conditions
  • checkGenerous field of view


  • exclamation-triangleGlass is just average
  • exclamation-triangle​Adjustment controls take some getting used to
  • exclamation-triangleTurret adjustment takes some tweaking

The Tactical Millett scope offers good value for your money. Accuracy is sharp and being able to adjust the settings makes it suitable for different users.

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Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BCD Riflescope

The Nikon Prostaff is designed for different rifles and is appropriate for target shooting. The scope is compatible with the Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology for superior targeting. The scope also has a well-designed eyepiece so you can use the reticle for better target acquisition.

Like any good rifle scope, the Prostaff comes with fully multicoated optics. Without being too technical it means you’ll get brighter images and good light transmission. The turret is another important feature in any scope, and the Prostaff is one of the better ones.

The Prostaff uses the latest technology to enhance its function. At the same time it’s easy to use even in environments that have very little light. It is also compatible with a lot of gear so you’ll have an easier time shooting with your rifle. The last thing we want to point out is that the glass is very clear.

Features and Benefits:

  • lightbulb-oThe scope uses Nikon’s proprietary BDC reticle. Its primary benefit is the reticle makes it easier to shoot from a distance.
  • lightbulb-oThe Prostaff comes with a lot of adjustment options. With this the Prostaff simplifies return to zero and turret adjusting.
  • lightbulb-oMulticoated optics are integrated in the scope. This results in better light transmission so viewing from the scope is clear.
  • lightbulb-oIt has a quick focus eyepiece built in. This makes it easy to restore the reticle if it is out of focus.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is equipped with spring loaded instant zero reset turrets. This allows the user to make quick adjustments.


  • checkThe scope is compatible with the most popular rifles
  • checkBright optics
  • checkEasy to clean
  • checkSmooth finish
  • checkAdjustment is easy


  • exclamation-triangleReticle quality could be better
  • exclamation-triangleLonger than most scopes
  • exclamation-triangleInstructions are a bit sparse

The Nikon Prostaff is a versatile scope, easy enough for beginners but has features that advanced users will like. It doesn’t just look cool but fully functional as well, so it’s a good buy.

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Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24 AR-BDC Reticle

The Strike Eagle is one of the more popular optics, and deservedly so. It is made of a 30 mm single piece tube, enhancing its durability. The scope also improves alignment, essential if you want to improve accuracy.

The Strike Eagle is designed to enhance your aim, and the reticle improves accuracy even if the target is at a distance. Speaking of the reticle, the one on the Strike Eagle is one of the sharpest we have reviewed.

This scope is also compatible with most rifles so you can use it right away. Making adjustments is easy so you’ll be able to set the rifle the way you want it. The instructions are also adequate and give you more control. The scope has a smooth finish so it looks better than the average rifle. More than that it is also more durable.

Features and Benefits:

  • lightbulb-oThe scope has fully multicoated lens. This provides the scope with excellent light transmission so the scope is clear and bright.
  • lightbulb-oThe Strike Eagle has anti reflective coating for each air to glass surface. This makes optics less vulnerable to glares when you use it.
  • lightbulb-oThe Strike Eagle optics has a second focal plane reticle. These are accurate and provides a solution for correcting wind drift.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope comes with a glass etched reticle. This provides the scope with full reliability and compatibility.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope is made from a 30 mm single piece tube. This means you’ll be able to use the scope continuously.


  • checkEasy to mount
  • checkWorks with a lot of rifles
  • checkDurable design
  • checkEnhances accuracy
  • checkReliable performance


  • exclamation-triangleFlip cap feels a bit flimsy
  • exclamation-triangleGlass quality is just adequate
  • exclamation-triangle1x has a slight fish eye

The Strike Eagle is made from durable materials and will endure far longer than most rifle scopes. When it comes to performance and reliability, the Strike Eagle delivers.

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Hi-Lux Optics Art Series 2.5-10x44mm Tactical Auto Ranging Trajectory Riflescope

The Hi-Lux Optics is designed for those who want an affordable but effective scope. One of its most powerful features is being able to adjust for the bullets. Based on tests, the scope compensates from 250 to 1000 meters. This is the kind of flexibility that you’ll need for serious shooting.

The Hi Lux Optics also makes good use of its 44mm objective lens and 2.5×10 magnification. Even if you’re hundreds of yards away, you will be able to see the target. Add the reticle and the multicoated lens and you’ve got a winning combination. The optics also have a limited lifetime warranty, giving you an indication of how good it really is and why this is a scope that will last for years.

Features and Benefits:

  • lightbulb-oThe scope is equipped with a mil dot reticle. It has been specially designed so you’ll have a simpler time with aiming.
  • lightbulb-oIts lens are multicoated. This design improves the transmission of light so everything comes out clearer.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope has a 2.5×10 magnification. By making a few adjustments you can zero in on your objective.
  • lightbulb-oThe unit has flip up lens covers and rings covers. With these the optics will last much longer and be more serviceable.
  • lightbulb-oThe scope ranges the target automatically and makes compensations for the trajectory of the bullet. This is good for 250 to 1000 meters, critical for accurate shooting.


  • checkEnhances accuracy
  • checkClear magnification
  • checkHas a lifetime warranty
  • checkDurable construction
  • checkHigh degree of compatibility


  • exclamation-triangleLonger than most rifle scopes
  • exclamation-triangleA bit on the heavy side
  • exclamation-triangleSighting may take some getting used to

The Hi Lux Optics is a well constructed scope. It is for anyone who wants to upgrade their scope. If you’re into serious shooting then you’ll like this.

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How We Chose the Top 5

We knew there were thousands of rifle scopes that cost than 400 dollars. However, we also know they are not made equal, with some better than others. To ensure that only the top scopes are included, we set very strict criteria that must be followed.

  • arrow-rightCompatibility: we only chose the scopes that are compatible with popular rifles so you won’t have a difficult time using it.
  • arrow-rightDurability: we included only those made from durable materials so it’s going to last for a long time.
  • arrow-rightEase of adjustment: a rifle scope is useless if you’re unable to modify the settings to match your requirements.
  • arrow-rightVersatility: we also looked at how the scope can handle fog and water. We also tested the shockproof properties of each scope.
  • arrow-rightAccuracy: to be specific, we checked their range, distance capacity as well as the field of view.

Who Should Buy These Scopes?

These scopes are for those who want or need the following:

  • arrow-rightA scope that costs less than 400 dollars but is still accurate.
  • arrow-rightA scope that fits with different types of rifles.
  • arrow-rightA scope which is easy enough for beginners to use.
  • arrow-rightA scope that can be used for hunting and target practice.
  • arrow-rightA scope that is built to last.


No matter how powerful your rifle is, it’s not much use if the scope doesn’t improve your accuracy. That is what these reviews are for, to help you find the right scope that is not only compatible with your rifle but also enhances your shooting.

One of the reasons why some people hesitate to buy affordable scopes is they’re worried the quality will be low. However as should be obvious here, a lot of these scopes are really good and have many of the features you would expect from more expensive rifle scopes.

We can also say with confidence that all five rifle scopes here offer good value for the money. If you want to improve your shooting skills, these scopes will do fine. Any product can claim to be the best rifle scope under 400, but with the reviews here, you can be certain all five options are good.

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