Top 4 Riflescope Sighting Targets

Top 4 Riflescope Sighting Targets
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Sighting a scope correctly takes patience and the proper riflescope sighting targets. Whether it’s your first time out or you’ve been hunting for years, a property-sighted scope is necessary for success.

Regardless of whether you are hunting a whitetail deer, red stag, black bear, or buffalo, it is essential to have a properly sighted scope.

While several things go into preparing a piece of equipment for the hunt, it’s essential to verify that your rifle is sighted in the right manner to put your shots correctly for an ethical kill. In this article, I would like to give you a heads-up on a few things that you need to know before buying riflescope sighting targets.

Things to Know Before Buying Riflescope Sighting Targets

# Larger and heavier diameter tubes

The scopes with 30 or 34 mm tube have gained immense popularity in recent years. Although heavier and larger, these higher diameter tubes allow larger internal components that do a good job at managing the light. If your shooting involves long hikes, you may need to use a rifle with 1-inch tubes. However, if your hunting or shooting activities are stationary, you may be fine with a 30 mm rifle.

# Exit pupil factor

Many factors affect the performance of scope and one of the main is the ‘exit pupil’ factor. In a simple calculation, the exit pupil can be calculated by dividing the lens diameter by magnification. Remember to place exit pupil 4mm above when using in low-light conditions to get an adequate amount of light in darker areas. Hence, always look for a hunting scope that gives you 4mm exit pupil throughout the range.

# Do not over adjust

Many factors affect the performance of scope, and one of the main is the ‘exit pupil’ factor. In a simple calculation, the exit pupil can be calculated by dividing the lens diameter by magnification. Remember to place exit pupil 4 mm above when using in low-light conditions to get an adequate amount of light in darker areas. Hence, always look for a hunting scope that gives you 4 mm exit pupil throughout the range.

# Adjust the diopter

The rifle scope comes equipped with diopter, and adjusting it correctly is essential to maintain focus. The diopter located at the backside of the eyeball is mainly used to focus on the reticle. To make adjustments for your eye, look through the rifle scope on a white background closer than 20 feet distance. Keep making adjustments until the diopter is completely clear.

Not being able to adjust the rifle scope correctly may lead to a blurry reticle that will not provide accurate aiming. Most people who complain of headaches from using binoculars for an extended period, fail to adjust appropriately.

# Reticle choice confusion

A reticle is known as aiming of the scope, and the ballistic reticles have recently gained much popularity. Both the shooters and hunters are attracted by the accuracy of ballistic reticles and its ease of use. If you need a ballistic reticle, steer clear from the Mil-Dot and understand how you want the scope to perform.

If you are planning to buy rifle scope sighting targets anytime soon, here are the four most important options available for you.

Check out these 4 Best Riflescope Sighting Targets

#1. 12″x18″ Sight in Splatterburst Target

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12-Inch Bull's-Eye Target, 12 Targets

Splatter burst Target promises to let the user see the shots instantly. As you hit the target, the impact holes burst into bright fluorescent yellow color, giving you quick feedback. Whether you are shooting outdoors or indoors, these high visibility targets enable shooters to see the goals with ease. The bullet holes are visible even in low light conditions, without the need for spotting scopes or binoculars. Hence, it works great for people who have difficulty seeing distant objects.

As the sighting targets are made of durable and non-adhesive tag board, they are capable of withstanding shots after shots. They work great for all firearms, including shotguns, rifles, pistols, pellet guns, and so on. Made in the USA, the Splatter burst Target is the ultimate target designed for all firearms, such as BB and Air soft guns.


  • Shooting outside and inside is made easy. You no more need to walk downrange to be able to see your targets..
  • It gives you a high-contrast splatter target for pistols and rifles. The 1-inch grid makes scope/ sight adjustments simpler, and it is easier to find a perfect alignment through a reticle.
  • All-black background design ensures that you see every shot. The graph makes it easier to measure groups for sighting-in-scopes, and the five full targets imply that you get the best value for money.
  • There is the option of one larger target suiting in the middle for long-range shooting. As the paper is heavy-duty, it can take many holes.
  • The product works very well, even at 200 yards. It works perfectly for zeroing on the multiple weapons. You need to first zero on the size able middle square and then on the corner ones.
  • It is made of highly durable material. The paper is so sturdy that you can mount and un mount it several times without damaging them.


  • In the long- distance ranges, the black background is too dark and less appealing to the eyes.
  • These targets need to be stapled or taped to a solid background. There is no way to hang it with the help of clips.
  • A customer mentioned in his reviews that the paper tends to absorb moisture and humidity. As a result, the bottom part keeps curling, and he has a hard time keeping it straight.
  • Some users have issues when shooting at an indoor range where the light is dimmer than sunlight. It is almost impossible to see the front sight on pistols.


The Splatter burst Target is just as advertised and meets the expectations of most users. There are five different target areas to shoot at, and it works great both indoors are outdoors. Despite a few issues with the all-black background in some cases, most buyers are happy with their purchase. Overall, it gives a good bang for your bucks.

#2 Splatterburst Targets – 8 inch Stick & Splatter Reactive Self Adhesive Shooting Targets

Splatterburst Targets - 8 inch Adhesive Stick & Splatter Reactive Shooting Targets - Gun - Rifle - Pistol - Airsoft - BB Gun - Pellet Gun - Air Rifle (100 Pack)

If you want to practice harder to become professional, check out the 8 inch Stick & Splatter Shooting Targets. This product lets you choose your pack size and see your shots burst into bright yellow color on impact. Thus, you get more time for shooting your target, and less time is spent on checking the target. It comes with an all-new stick and splatter adhesive that allows you to stick on almost any surface, and at any temperature. Each target comes with 19 cover-up patches for additional shooting time.

The high visibility splatter target makes it easier to watch the shots at a distance without wasting any time walking down the range. As a result, this is the ultimate target for all calibers and firearms, including BB guns, pellet guns, airsoft, air rifles, and shotguns. It works great for shooting both indoors and outdoors; as well as shooting long range or short range. Furthermore, the product is made in the USA, so you get 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Although it does not have as many cover dots, the sighting target is as good as competitive brands. There are five aim points per target, so cover dots are not needed.
  • The additional four target spots are a bonus, and they eliminate the need to walk down the range to adjust the target.
  • You may attach them to cardboard boxes and yard signs to deliver amazing results. They may be used as a 40 caliber pistol, 38 unique pistols, and a shotgun.
  • The black dot cover-ups work as expected, and they help in extending the life of the target sightings. They hold up excellently against adverse weather conditions.
  • Another feature that almost every buyer raves about is its self-adhesive nature. They stick well, even when it’s windy and cold outside.


  • Some people have commented that the holes are typically ragged and unsymmetrical, not as good as the reactive paper targets by Birchwood Casey.
  • One buyer has mentioned that the black cover does not fall as expected to make the shots easily visible beyond 25 yards.


Whether you are a recreational shooter or a professional who needs intense practice, this sighting target delivers an excellent performance. The high visibility splatter lets you see the dots from a distance and sticks up well in all weather conditions. Although some people feel it does not stand up well to competitors such as Birch wood Casey reactive paper targets, it gives excellent value for the price.

#3 12″ X 18″ Bullseye Super Splatter Targets 10

12" X 18" Bullseye Super Splatter Targets 10, 25, 50, 100 Packs - Creates Huge Super Splatter Spots - See Your Hits Instantly (100) (100)

This super splatter stands true to its name and lets you instantly see your hits. The holes burst bright white instantly after impact beneath the red bullseye and fluorescent yellow offering instant feedback. Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, the high visibility targets make it possible to view the high visibility targets with ease without going downrange.

The glaring holes are easily visible in all weather conditions without any spotting scopes or binoculars. It works best for people who have difficulty viewing clearly long-range shots. As the target is made of high-quality, non-adhesive tag board, they are capable of withstanding numerous blasts. It works great for pistols, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, and bb.


  • You can see the holes even, without the bright sun. As a result, you can comfortably use them for shooting inside.
  • These targets are made of thicker and heavy-duty tag board; hence, they are not super flimsy. They can be comfortably used for rifle and gun targets.
  • The 10, 25, 50, and 100 packs are readily available, and comparatively, they have a much reasonable rate.
  • The impact points such as .223 are visible clearly with the naked eye at 25 yards, with an 8 x binoculars at 100 yards distance.


  • If you use it on a range without any cardboard backing, it will bend, making it challenging to shoot. However, this can be fixed by clipping all the corners.
  • Some customers feel the size is slightly smaller than expected, but they work fine.


The product is reasonably priced, and the size is perfect for both long rifle shooting and pistol. It helps in improving technique and sharpening skills. It also enhances overall accuracy as you can see what you are hitting and make suitable adjustments. Overall, a great product worth buying.

#4 Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12-Inch Bull’s-Eye Target

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12-Inch Bull's-Eye Target, 12 Targets

If you are looking for reflecting sighting targets, the name of Birchwood Casey stands tall. It is one of the most reliable sources for shooting supplies, and their products are tested and verified for quality and durability. They are made of the highest-grade components and materials. You don’t need to use binoculars or walk down the range to see your preferred shot.

The Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C works great for both indoors and outdoors. It can also be used in low light conditions. Each packet contains about 12 targets, and you can target practice with pistols, both 9MM, and .40 S&W, and the shots show up clearly.


  • They work great for more extended range shooting and are particularly useful for air soft. You can also make a few hits from 50 yards with the naked eye.
  • The replacement dots on the sheet are incredible. They pop up bright green in color when hit.
  • As they are self-sticking, you can use them almost anywhere. It is easier to see where you have hit the target.
  • The black stickers enable you to use the same target 3-4 times. It is a must-have for any serious shooter.
  • You can use them with ease from 100 to 300 yards. The bullet strikes are easier to see with binoculars or inexpensive spotting scope.
  • These sightings work as promised, and they can save you an incredible amount of time and money.


  • Some customers have commented that they don’t like the orange dot at the center as well as the yellow logo.
  • They are only available in packs of 12. Although this is technically not a con, some users wish there were 50 packs available.


The Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12-Inch Bull’s-Eye Target is high for sightings. It delivers excellent performance for 100-yard shooting. The hits are well pronounced and visible, even at a low power range scope. The patches enable users to keep track of groupings, and they are large enough to cover most of the caliber holes. Overall, the right quality product!

Final Verdict

Whether you are an amateur or professional shooter, buying the right kind of riflescope sighting targets can help you improve your performance and deliver better. The top 4 rifle scope sighting targets mentioned above are some of the most recommended in this category. They have visible holes, and you can make adjustments without walking down the range. You get excellent value at the right price!!

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