Women Binoculars: Smart Guide for Newbies

The Ultimate Guideline to Choose a Binocular

We are a birding family. Yes, my wife and I, we love to step out sometime from our hectic lives and take a deserved break. During this time, we usually take birding trips.

A good pair of binoculars will therefore come in handy. And while we have our best picks, in this post I’m going to discuss about women binoculars.

You must be surprised! Yes, there are many great binoculars designed specifically for women. A good example is the Eschenbach 8×25 Club Women Binoculars.

And today I am going to introduce you to the basics of women binoculars. Before digging into next step, I want to mention the credit owner top binocular as I have collected some information from their site.

Why Women Need Special Designs

I don’t want to make it sound like women’s binoculars is such a big issue. It’s not. In fact, choosing them is pretty simple so long as you understand why you need a special design. And basically, here are the reasons why:

Shape of the Face

Women have slightly different face and head shapes compared to men. That’s why their sets of binoculars have to be specially designed. The shape of their faces also determines the size of women’s binoculars IPD ranges.

Here are types of faces women have that makes you want to choose a special binocular for them.


Oval faces will have cheekbones that are slightly wider. They will also have a gentle narrowing around the forehead and the jaw.


The heart face is simply widest at the forehead. However, it gradually narrows through to the wearer’s jaw line.


A round face is determined by slightly wider cheekbones. Then it also comes with an equally wide jaw and forehead. The face has softer angles though.


A woman with a square face often has much more angular lines around it. They have an equally wide forehead, jaw, and more importantly cheekbones.


These are the best faces for the Eschenbach 8×25 Club Women Binoculars. They are widest at the jaw and will gradually narrow down through to the wearer’s forehead.

How the Shapes of a Woman’s Face Determines the Look

Depending on the shape of a woman’s face, when buying your best binoculars, you will be categorized as narrow or wide face.

Narrow faces often require binoculars with smaller IPDs. While a wider face will make do with standard sized binocular IPD.

Unlike a wide face that looks big, a narrow face doesn’t necessarily mean your face is small. It simply means that the width of your face is smaller irrespective of the size of its length. So any type of face can be narrow too.

NOTE: To get the perfect category for your face ensure you have the total width of its frames and measure the bridge too. Then look for a binocular design that offers a good range of adjustment.

Women Physique

It is rare to find a heavily built woman like most men are. This means, that giving a woman a heavy binocular might be such an inconvenience. Because women don’t have the muscles to run around with the heavy gadgets, they need something lighter.

This is where the binocular weight will come into play. So, if you intend to give your loved one a woman’s binocular for a gift, remember to keep this in mind. When it comes to the women physique, we have the following categories to keep in mind.

  • Small Size – Ultra light binocular
  • Medium Size – Medium sized binoculars
  • Big Size – Heavy binocular on women’s category


Best Women Binoculars: What to Look for

Like the little angels, women don’t need something heavy or large. Rather, they need stylish and compact optics. They often need a device that will easily blend in with their style and possibly favorite colors too. But that’s just a tip of the icing. Here is the real deal.

Anti-Reflection Coating

For women, getting a clear image is vital. You might not know it if you have the regular binoculars. But if you have been with the same experience that I have, you wouldn’t settle for anything less.

To get crisp images under the view of your binoculars you need a device designed for that. Optics devices that use anti-reflection coatings even on their air to glass surfaces are super ideal. Well it might mean you throw in a few extra dollars, but trust me it’s worth the trouble.  

Anti-reflection coatings especially the Fully Multi-Coated lenses are the best. FMC lenses will boost light transmission in the optic device. In turn this will make your image clearer and sharper.

They allow devices to reflect the “white” light on multiple layers of the anti-reflection coatings so that every inch of the resultant image is captured. This is as opposed to devices with a fraction of its surfaces “Fully Coated” or “Multi-Coated”.

A good example to start with if you want multiple anti-reflective coatings is the Nikon SHE Safari Monarch 10×36 Binoculars.

Adjustable Interpupillary Distance

Apart from the anti reflection coatings, another key thing that optics experience has taught me is the need for adjustable IPD.

Unlike men, most women have narrower faces. It is therefore almost impossible to comfortably fit a small or an extra-large binocular comfortably; especially, if the distance between the two barrels – IPD is too wide or too small.

At this point, only an adjustable IPD will help. Women binoculars that are well designed will have minimum IPD of 3.5cm which is adjustable.

Phase Correction Coated Prisms

Like the men’s binoculars, the best women binoculars also use prisms. They have two main types of prisms that they can use.

  • Roof Prism
  • Porro Prisms

However, the better of the two is the Roof Prism. And while it has so many advantages over Porro it isn’t entirely perfect.  Roof Prisms uses a single surface that never provides a total internal reflection.

Because of this, it’s usually recommended that any manufacturer who uses roof prism raises the reflectivity of its “dull” surface.

This process uses phase correction coated prism and helps the devices to eventually enjoy high levels of optical performance as they enhance resolution and contrast in roof prisms.

These phase correction coated prisms can include an aluminum mirror coating, silver mirror coating, or dielectric coating.

The best however is the dielectric coating which provides higher reflectivity across every visible light spectrum.

Extra Low Dispersion Glass (ED Glass)

The use of low dispersion glass is preferred by many manufacturers of optical devices. They have been used for quite a while with the latest technology adding other elements with extra-low dispersion property.

It is these devices that have added extra-low dispersion elements that anyone looking for the best women binoculars should go for.

The addition of these elements enhances the correction of chromatic and spherical aberrations from your device. I recommend choosing the Vanguard Endeavor ED 10×42 Binoculars to understand this more.

However, manufactures don’t use the same type of materials. Therefore, make sure you find out if the ED glass used has actually cleared these aberrations before you buy.  

Standard Magnification

Thanks to my wife’s experience and also to other top-rated women binoculars reviews, I now understand why she needed standard magnifications.

The thing is keeping your image still under your view is easier under standard magnification power. Tracking the object is also easy and will be able to focus in no time. If you are starting out however, you can use fixed magnification.

For the ladies that have been around for a while, an Individual focus or Center focus binocular with a diopter will be cool.

Wider Field of View

The reason why I am keeping this point right under standard magnification is because the two are interdependent.

At a standard magnification, you should be able to enjoy a good field of view. However, wider field of view will make it easy for you to track your object and observe it without any eye strain too.

The field of view that you choose however depends more on what you prefer. Even so most women binos have taken this into consideration.


The best women binoculars will use the BaK-4 glass on their roof prisms.  BaK-4 will leave you with high quality image as opposed to the low level BK-7 and the midrange SK-15.

This is because the glass used on the BaK-4 has high refractive index and will offer better amounts of transmittance.

NOTE: Another name for the BaK-4 glass is Barium Crown glass. It can be found in the Celestron Granite 9×33 Women Binoculars among others.


You will realize that I haven’t included pricing in my guide. This is because pricing is relative and so is an affordable buy. But just to give you a head start, if you want a top of the list binocular with the properties that I mentioned, you’ll have to throw in a few extra dollars. Trust me, it is worth the hassle.

Most of these features, if genuine enough and of high quality will start from an optic device that costs about $300. That doesn’t mean you can’t go lower. Of course, you can. Only that, I can’t guarantee the same quality down there.

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