What’s the Best Magnification for a Hunting Scope?

Either you want to hunt deer, birds, or practice, you need a magnification scope with your rifle. The magnification scope does not only provide the magnification ability; it comes with many other features. 

So, it would be best if you filtered the suitable scope that will meet your demands. Are you having trouble deciding the best magnification for a hunting scope? However, we’ve decorated this article with full requirements to let you pick the best magnification for a hunting scope.

What’s the Best Magnification for a Hunting Scope?

However, the requirement for the magnification changes from person to person based on their use. Based on the service, the best magnification for a hunting scope is given here to choose the best one for yourself.

Moderate Light:

If you use a rifle for hunting, you come across situations where enough daylight is not accessible. It may happen in the early morning or at dawn when the light is moderate. And you know, you’ll find this time suitable for hunting animals or birds. But you may find it challenging to hit your target under such moderate light.

Under such circumstances, you need a lower magnification scope. The primary characteristics of content are that higher powerful magnifications require bright light. Under low light, the higher power magnification may cause trouble for you to hunt instead of helping.

I would suggest you get a 3-10X50 model. This scope is one of the best 17 WSM scopes. It is perfect for moderate light hunting. If you want to hunt harmless animals like deer, then this scope is ideal for you.

Reticle Movement:

It would help if you considered the reticle movement while choosing a scope. Our hands usually do not stay still. So, the reticle movement creates an issue then. Some other factors can cause this to happen. Especially when the body muscle gets tired, the reticle movement increases.

If you never used scopes, then you may never have an issue with reticle movement. The reticle movement doesn’t create a big problem with no content. The reticle movement increases when the strength of the magnifications works accordingly. 

It would be best if you got a lower strength magnification scope. 2 or 3 times magnifying measurements are perfect. It does not create many issues for reticle movement. It helps you to hunt as well.

However, you should have the proper training to run a 20x or 40x scope. Otherwise, you can’t reach your expected result with your hunting. As the reticle will be dancing all over, you will find it difficult to set on a target. Even if you set the scope on a target, the rifle will move again in the vertical direction. It will make your hunting experience miserable.

Using a stand like a bipod or a tripod for the rifle might seem helpful in reticle movement. However, it would be best if you considered the disadvantages that come with it. For example, you will need more time to set the rifle on your target while using a rifle stand.

Time to Set the Rifle on Target:

The time required to set the rife on target is a big deal. If you are hunting birds, you need a scope set on the bird in the shortest possible time. Birds usually don’t stay rested in a single place. If you go to a forest, you will see a bird fly to a tree, sit on the tree, eat a bug, and fly away instantly. If you need time to set the rifle on target, you may not hit a single bird.

As the magnifying strength of the scope increases, the time to set increases with it. So, it would help if you got a relatively lower magnifying scope to hunt.

The scope that offers 4-14 range power will find relatively distant targets with its 14x time’s power capacity. It would help if you didn’t spend much time hitting your target. So, this should be the perfect rifle for you.

Field of View:

The field of view is another concerning factor that you should take into consideration. The field of view indicates how much is observable to the viewer. In terms of scope, the visible picture decreases with an increase in the magnifying range. 

For example, if you put a small ball near to you, you will be able to see the ball clearly with a 2x or 3x scope. When you use a 40x range, you will see the ball, but the ball’s writings would not be identifiable. It means with higher magnifying scope, you will see a greater distance, but the field of view decreases.

As the field of view decreases, you will find it harder to set your rifle on the target. It will take more time, as well. So, it would be best if you always went for the minimum magnifying scope based on your base.

If you are using the rifle for hunting 3-10 rifles, it should be right for you. Find a light scope to fit in your rifle, and the hunting should give you pleasure experiences.

Type of the Reticle:

Should be taken into consideration. I would suggest you get a mil-dot reticle. I find this reticle very handy and easy to target birds.

Final Words

What’s the best magnification for a hunting scope and you know the rest. Using a rifle is not only passion. It helps you to defend yourself as well. People should have the basic idea of using rifles. You cannot get the best out of a gun without a scope. 

You should find the best scope available for you. Should be considered the factor that we discuss before buying a rifle. If these factors are not considered, then the range will not serve you up to your expectation.

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