Top 10 Gun Cleaning Pads Reviewed

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One of the most important aspects of being a gun owner is keeping your gun clean and in good working order. It’s no surprise that gun cleaning pads will help you do just that.

A gun cleaning mat allows you to have a clean, scratch-free surface to place your gun when you clean it. You need a table pad for cleaning your rifle or pistol to protect the table underneath from the oils and solvents used.

Gun cleaning pads are one of those essential items all gun owners need, just like the items mentioned in A Beginner’s Guide To Must-Have Accessories For Gun Owners.

Gun cleaning pads are relatively inexpensive but provide great value for the money. We have listed our ten top gun cleaning pads; one is sure to suit your needs.

#1 Drymate Gun Cleaning Pads, Premium Gun Cleaning Mat

A generous 16″ by 59″, the Drymate will protect surfaces from scratches and spills. The Drymate material will absorb liquid to keep oils, cleaners, and solvents from damaging the surface below. 

With a slip-resistant backing, this mat is machine or hand-washable. The mat can be rolled up for storage when not in use. The Drymate is proudly made in the USA.

# 2 Real Avid Universal Smart Mat – 43×16″, Long Gun Cleaning Mat, Red Parts Tray

Organize your parts as you clean your gun. The Real Avid is oil resistant and shock absorbing to protect both your gun and table surfaces. 

This gun cleaning mat has an integrated parts tray that will organize and hold the pins, bolts, and springs to keep them within reach. There is also a magnetic compartment that will secure easy-to-lose small parts. 

Liquids spilled on this 16″ x 43″ mat will bead up, making cleanup quick and easy. The soft top has dense padding to protect your gun from getting scratched.

# 3 Gun Cleaning Mat Gun Mat Double Thickness Cleaning Mat

The Gloryfire cleaning mat is a handy size that makes it easily portable. At 12″ x 36″, the Gloryfire comes with a storage case to stow the rolled-up cleaning mat and take it along wherever you go. 

The mat also has an interesting and fun diagram of a gun on the mat that shows where parts and pieces go. Made to be oil and water-resistant, the non-slip backing helps keep the mat in place while working on your gun. With over 2,400 reviewers on Amazon, 89% of purchasers gave this mat 5 stars out of 5 stars, making this a highly recommended product.

# 4 Raiseek Cleaning Mat, Pistol Gun Maintenance Mat, Anti-Slip Rubberized Repair Mat 15.9″ x 9.8″

The Raiseek cleaning mat is a rigid mat for cleaning pistols and doing regular maintenance on your gun. This mat has recessed sections that are handy for placing parts of your pistol when cleaning and will keep them in place rather than rolling off the table. 

Solvents and oils wipe off the chemical-resistant surface, and the thick rubber protects both the finish of your pistol and the tabletop. 

While the mat was purposed for cleaning pistols, it is also suited for working on your watch, camera, or other tasks. Two tabs on the end of the mat allow you to hang it up for storing when not in use.

# 5 GUNMATT Gun Cleaning Mat for ar-15 Rifle, Shotgun, and Handgun 3mm Thick and Sized 12″ x 36″ Non-Slip Backed Waterproof and Oil Resistant with Stitched Edges

For use with an AR-15 rifle, shotguns, or handguns, the Gunmatt has a non-slip rubber base and cushioned surface that will protect the surface of your guns while they are being cleaned or maintained. 

The mat itself has stitching around the edges to keep it from fraying or tearing. The mat is non-absorbent and is easy to wipe clean once you are finished. Printed with an AR-15 diagram, the mat can be rolled up and stored when not needed.

# 6 Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat with Exploded Parts Diagram & Bonus Magnetic Parts Tray

Available in two sizes, 36″ x 12″ and 16″ x 13″, the Ultimate Rifle gun cleaning mat includes a bonus magnetic parts tray to help keep tiny parts from getting lost. 

A clear diagram with weapons parts labeled is printed on the non-slip rubber mat. The black polyester waterproof coating can be rolled up for transport or storage. 

There are those gamers who find that this gun cleaning mat also works perfectly as a large mouse pad surface.

 # 7 Gun Cleaning Mat – Rifle Maintenance Gunsmithing Tools – by UsefulThingy

You will never use old newspapers as a cleaning surface once you have tried this gun cleaning mat from UsefulThingy. It is indeed a very useful thing to have when cleaning or servicing your rifle or handgun. 

Printed with the components of an AR-15, this 36″ x 12″ mat provides a soft surface that won’t scratch your weapons. 

At the same time, the mat will also protect whatever surface you are working on from the oils and solvents you use to clean your gun. Roll it up when not in use and stow it out of the way.

# 8 YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad (36.2″ X 12.2″)- Cleaning Mats with Cotton Swabs and Cleaning Cloth-Workbench Mat – with Parts Diagram

The Yfeex gun cleaning mat comes with cotton swabs and a cleaning cloth as a bonus. Complete with graphics of an AR-15 rifle and its parts. 

The bottom of the mat is made from rubber to keep the mat from sliding while using it. The thick 3.5mm neoprene will absorb water or oil to keep the surface underneath from being damaged. 

This gun cleaning mat comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

# 9 BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Mat 2nd Amendment Vintage : Sports & Outdoors

Show your patriotic spirit with the Boosteady gun cleaning mat. Its bold vintage flag graphic has the Second Amendment quote written across the surface. 

The 12″ x 35.5″ surface is large enough to hold your gun while cleaning or doing maintenance. 

The mat comes with a pouch to store it in when not in use. With a non-slip rubberized backing and a wipe-clean surface, this cleaning mat will be ideal for caring for your guns.

# 10 AiBOB Gun Cleaning Pad, Super Absorbent Cleaning Mat for Avoiding Spills and Protecting Surfaces

The gun cleaning mats from Aibob will be ideal for whatever size guns you have available in four different sizes. The sizes are all 16″ in width and range from 20″ to 60″ in length. 

The rubber backing is waterproof to protect whatever surface it is placed on, and the mat can be wiped clean, or it is also machine washable. 

If you choose to customize your Aibob mat, you can use scissors to cut it to your desired shape, and it will not fray.

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