The Best Caldwell Shooting Bags

The best shooting bags on the market are Caldwell bags designed for those serious and dedicated shooters. 

The design of Caldwell shooting bags will keep your gun stationary for target practice, but they also help in making long-range shots easier.

Essential Equipment

A shooting bag is essential to give you a stable, secure rifle rest to help you aim accurately. 

Those shooters who are determined to improve their marksmanship rely on bags to provide them with the necessary stability. 

If you are using bags for practice or in competition, a shooting bag will help you achieve tighter groups and better overall performance.

The Best Caldwell Shooting Bag

The best shooting bag to get is our first reviewed option, the Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo, with a front and rear bag. 

It gives you both front and rear stability, so use them together or separately, and you will always have just the support you need to get the best shot. 

Here are the best Caldwell Shooting Bags:

Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag

Front And Rear Bag


The DeadShot Shooting bag combo has both a front and rear bag. You will use these bags together to construct a stable platform from which to shoot your rifle. 

Quick Connect for Front And Rear Bags

To make carrying them from place to place an easy proposition, the bags have a quick connect feature. 

Just clip them together to be able to have only one unit to carry to your set up position.

Stability For Long Shots

Having a stable and reliable platform to rest your gun makes it a lot easier to sight-in your rifle. 

That stability is essential for accurate long-range shooting. The Caldwell DeadShot will give you that stable platform to help you improve your accuracy. 

Bags Are Prefilled

Filled with corn cob media, your Caldwell DeadShot comes prefilled so that you are ready to use the combo immediately. 

You can also choose to get them unfilled and add your own media to the bags. Some of the popular media are rice, kitty litter, crushed walnuts, pebbles, and sand. 

Remember, with sand and pebbles, you will add substantially to the weight of the bags. 

What We Liked

  • The bag came prefilled and ready to go
  • You don’t have to choose between a front or rear bag; this gives you both
  • These bags will work on almost any surface

What Was Not So Much

  • We didn’t understand the single stitching. Some shooters might choose sand as a filler, and the single stitches can leak a little. 

 Caldwell TackDriver Bag

Can Help Reduce Recoil

The TackDriver is designed to both cradles and grip the forend of your firearm. If you get the hang of using the bag properly, it will help to reduce recoil. 

One-Piece Design

With the TackDriver, you don’t need two separate bags, although some shooters like the two bags’ positioning options. If you prefer just one bag, this stand-alone unit works great.

Easy To Take Along

Portable, the TackDriver includes a shoulder strap and a carry handle to make transporting easy. 

Just remember that whatever the filling, the bag will weigh more. If you prefer the way sand works in a shooting bag, know it will add weight. 

You might want to consider kitty litter, which does not add weight but gives you the same type of texture as sand. 

Heavy Grade Material

It is made from a heavy grade canvas with a non-scratch and non-slip material sewn over the top.  

This material helps to “grip” your rife and steady it for the shot. 

What We Liked

  • Non-marring and non-slip surface to the bags protect the finish on your firearm
  • Fits most firearms
  • Can take the place of two standard rests

What Was Not So Much

  • Ordering the bag filled adds to the cost of shipping and handling

Caldwell Tactical DeadShot Combo

Front And Rear Bags

The front and rear bag combo allow the shooter to be able to shoot tighter groups.

Made For AR-15 and LR308 Style Rifles

The tall profile of the front bag gives the needed clearance for AR’s with 30 round magazines. 

The rear bag is designed to fit collapsible M4 stocks on one side and fixed A2 stocks on the other. 

All you have to do is flip the bag over to be able to accommodate either stock.

Heavy Duty Material

Both of the Tactical DeadShot combo bags are made from heavy ballistic nylon on the contact surfaces and built to hold up to abuse from hand guards and pic rails. 

The material will also work well with tactical bolt action rifles.  


This shooting bag combo works with a wide variety of rifles. While it caters to the AR and LR models, it will work well for a range of magazine-type rifles. 

These bags will provide a stable shooting surface.

What We Liked

  • Specifically designed for tactical rifles
  • The rear bag can go two different ways to accommodate other rifles
  • Water-resistant 

What Was Not So Much

  • While this combo works well, it is cumbersome and can be a pain to transport.  

Caldwell Deadshot Filled, Rear Shooting Bag 

Caldwell Deadshot Filled, Rear Shooting Bagand Tack Driver Shooting Rest - Filled Bag


You can use this rear bag on any surface. You can use it on a bench, the ground, or hood of a vehicle. It is not, however, designed for use with adjustable shooting rests. 

Easy To Carry

Small in size, 5″ long, 5″ wide, and 4.5 inches high, this small bag will go wherever you go.

It has the SmartConnect system to be able to connect to another bag or clip on your belt for easy transport.

Already Filled

This bag will come to you already filled with about 1.3 pounds of corn cob media. 

While the bag material is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. It is best not to leave a filled bag outside overnight where it can pick up moisture.

What We Liked

  • It has the Quick-Connect system, which makes it easy to hook to another rest.
  • Comes already filled with corn cob media
  • Inexpensive

What Was Not So Much

  • Even with dimensions given, this bag seemed smaller than anticipated. 

Caldwell Deadshot Filled Front Bag

Caldwell Deadshot Filled Front Bag with Durable Construction and Water Resistance for Outdoor, Range, Shooting and Hunting


Large Size

A great size for most rifles, the front shooter bag is 10 inches long, 8 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, and weighs about 7 pounds 10 ounces when filled. 

This weight will give you the stability you need for steady shooting, and the size of the bag will allow you to position your rifle comfortably.

Carry Handle

When filled, the bag will have a substantial weight, not too heavy, but enough to know you are carrying something. 

The bag handle is handy when moving from spot to spot, and it also has the Smart Connect system to clip to another bag.


Constructed of 600 Denier polyester, the bag is durable and rugged. The top of the bag is suede to provide protection for your rifle and a smooth surface for recoil. 

What We Liked

  • This stand-alone bag was great for both rifles and pistols, with a wide enough top to support your wrists.
  • Stable, but not too heavy
  • Good, all-around bag for practice and sighting in. 

What Was Not So Much

  • Better to use media other than sand, as that tends to leak just a little. 


You, Will, Need Good Targets, too.

When using your shooting bags, you also will need some good targets. This article talks about the Top 4 Riflescope Sighting Targets in 2019

What To Look For In A Shooting Bag


Various Sizes And Shapes


As evidenced by the different bag types that we reviewed here, shooting bags come in different weights, shapes, and sizes. 

The other configurations are for different stabilizing setups and various types of rifles. Some will be a medium barricade style for positional shooting.

 Larger bags are often used for obstacle and unconventional positions. That is, the sole purpose of a shooting bag is to be a stabilizing factor when aiming and shooting. 

Personal preference will also play a big part in which shooting bag you end up choosing.


A shooting bag needs weight so that it can be a stable resting point. The bag will often have grooves that envelope the majority of the rifle’s fore-end to provide the best stability.

When you have a shooting bag that allows you to have more of your rifle secure within the shooting bag, there will be less unintended movement. 

Type Of Rifle

You will be wise to tailor the shape and size of a shooting bag to the type of rifle you will be using it for. 

There are some bags, like Caldwell tactical bag review above, that will only work for AR-15’s and LR308’s. 

Read the specifications that accompany the bag before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your rifle.


Consider choosing a combination set that has both a front and rear bag. 

If you have not used shooting bags before, it may seem counterintuitive to purchase a set, but this is the only way you will find out if one or both works best for your shooting style. 

A combo will give you more options for setting up and supporting your rifle. 

When you have two, you can experiment with different configurations to discover the one that gives you your best shot.




Take into consideration where you will be using this shooting bag. Wherever you will be using it, you will also have to tote the bag. 

It can be a two-edged sword, as a heavier weighted bag provides more stability. 

But you also want the bag to be portable, and if you use sand in the bag, it can be a heavy proposition to lug it out into the field for a hunt.


Speaking of the weight of a shooting bag brings us to the filling inside the bag. Bags can come prefilled with various media. 

Typically, if you purchase the bag unfilled, it will be less expensive. You will still have to buy the filling, but it can still save you money. 

A popular media is corn cob media, the kind used for polishing brass. If you choose to purchase your bags empty, you will have several choices of filling. 

Some will be heavier than others. Sand, for instance, will be heavier but an excellent filling for stability. 

Whatever you fill your bag with, don’t get the bag wet. You will end up with a bag that will mold and mildew. 

After that, it will stink to high heaven and be unusable. So keep that in mind, especially when choosing your media. 

Get the rice wet, and you know what you are having for dinner. 

Here are some other media to consider when you fill shooting bags:

  • Sand (like a sandbox or play sand)
  • Rice
  • Kitty Litter
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Dried Beans
  • Plastic Beads (usually at an arts and crafts store)
  • Poly Pellets (like in stuffed animals, again an arts and crafts store)
  • Walnut media (someone mentioned not to leave this bag where a squirrel might smell it)
  • Fish Tank rocks


Bag Material

Because of the work the bag needs to do, it will need to be made out of sturdy and heavy-duty material. 

Bags are constructed out of canvas, nylon, leather, or polyester. The bag also needs to be rip-resistant and hold the filling’s weight without seams giving way. 

Abrasion-resistant material would be the best to look for, as the bag will be on various shooting surfaces. It could also be damaged from sharp objects on the ground or from the rifle itself. 

 Look for water-resistant material at the minimum. 

You will probably not find a waterproof bag, but you want one that will give you time to get undercover if rain threatens. 

If your bag does get wet, dump the material out as soon as you can. Make sure the media and the bag are completely dry before refilling.


Some shooting bags will come with padding that will prevent any damage to the finish of your rifle. 

Micro-suede is the preferred material, although you can find some bags with oxford cloth or leather. 

The padding is only present on the point of contact areas.


Shooting bags are relatively inexpensive. If you have never used one before and want to try it out, they are not out of reach of the average budget.

Running anywhere from $15 to $75, with some of the bags filled, a shooting bag is worth trying. 

10 Benefits Of Using A Shooting Bag

1. A shooting bag is an affordable option for stabilizing the rear of a rifle. Using a shooting bag can improve your precision and accuracy. 

 2.Often used for long-range shooting, these bags help the shooter to get a better hit downrange.

 3.The bags fill up the space between the ground and the stock of a rifle and provide a rest for the rear of the rifle.

 4.The shooting bag spreads the rifle’s weight and makes it easier to maintain a hold on the gun. The shooter does not have to try and balance the rifle or place the stock on the ground.

 5.You will achieve increased precision, accuracy, and consistency when the rifle’s rear is in a stable position, and you will accomplish this with a bag.

 6.A shooter can get tighter groupings and more of a precise hold on the target. 

 7.When a shooter does not have to focus on balancing their rifle, they can concentrate and see more of what is going on downrange. 

 8.A slight release or squeeze of the shooting bag will give the shooter adjustments for wind and elevation. 

  9. Perfect for ranging with a rifle scope, or watching a target for extended periods of time. 

  10. Use your shooting bag for cameras or other types of equipment that need stabilization. 


More Thoughts On Shooting Bags 

You might think that you won’t use a shooting bag, as you are primarily a hutner. Even so, it will be essential to sight or test ammunition. 

If you shoot competitively, then shooting bags are as crucial as the rifles themselves. 

Shooting bags will enable you to learn proper shooting techniques that will hold you in good stead on and off the range.

When you shoot from a bag, it gives you a stable platform and helps to eliminate human error.

Bags make it easier to hold your rifle. They should not be pillow-soft. Test the bag to see if it has the right amount of fill by poking your finger into it. 

If it doesn’t leave an indentation, then the bag may be too hard. If you place your rifle across the bag and it does not stay put, there is not enough fill, and the bag is too soft.

Consider using plastic pellets as fillers in your bags. It makes the bag lighter for carrying, and they tend to be more durable than a bag filled with sand.

Experiment with your shooting bags to get the proper set up before entering a competition or going on your next hunt. 

It just makes sense to know how the bag will perform and where you need to place your rifle. If you are a beginner, a combination of front and rear bags will give you the best setup scenario.

If you find that shooting bags are not helping with precision, you might be using your rifle’s wrong type. 

There are online shooting forums, you can ask at a gun range, local gun shops, or fellow gun users usually have lots of helpful suggestions.


What is Heavy Sand?

Heavy sand is, well, heavier. Zircon is the heaviest type of sand available for shooting bags. It is a whopping 98% heavier than play sand, but remember you still have to tote it.

Why Use A Shooting Bag?

There are several reasons. They help stabilize your rifle, give you greater precision with your shots and allow you to test ammunition and sight your firearm.

Can I Make My Own Shooting Bag?

You sure can. Some shooters in the past have resorted to socks filled with sand. Others have employed their own jeans to construct a shooting bag. If you are on the fence about a shooting bag, you could give a sock a try before moving to the real thing. 


In Conclusion

Shooting bags are a crucial piece of equipment for the serious shooter. The shooting bag gives the shooter the ability to create a steady shooting position. 

This ability to adapt and improvise often separates you from the rest and makes the shots you take matter.

Inexpensive yet indispensable, shooting bags will help you build upon the skills you already have and make the most of the time doing the sport you love.

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