7 Squirrel Hunting Tips for Beginners

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Many hunters started by hunting squirrels before they got accustomed to hunting professionally. Hunting squirrels is not just fun but also a way of keeping fit. The best part is you don’t need a lot of hunting materials to get hold of squirrels. As a beginner, all you need to do is get out to the woods and start hunting.

It is not difficult to find squirrels because they are everywhere. With the right squirrel hunting scope, you will be able to carry out an excellent task hunting squirrels in the woods. This will also help you have an incredible shooting experience even as a beginner.

7 Squirrel Hunting Tips for Beginners

If you have decided to hit the woods to hunt squirrels, you must remember some tips to help you out as a beginner. Hunting squirrels can be a bit tricky and requires precise squirrel hunting scope to achieve an enjoyable hunting experience. However, with the following tips hunting these little creatures will not be a daunting task. So, read on to learn more.

1.     Right weapon

Having the right weapon or tool when hunting squirrels is very important. The first tool you will need is a pair of binoculars because it will enable spot squirrels even from a distance. Squirrels are notorious at hiding, but a binocular will make the job easier for you in finding squirrels where the naked eye cannot. Apart from that, you will also need a gun to have a successful kill. You can also carry a cushion for your back to help you out there since you may have to sit for long.

2.     Where to spot Squirrels

It is essential to learn where you can find squirrels. You cannot just hit the woods without having an idea of the location you will find squirrels. First of all, scout various locations to establish where squirrels hang out the most. Remember that if you don’t end up having the right spot, then you will never be able to hunt any squirrel. The right places to scout for squirrels are next to water sources, including rivers, streams, ponds, creeks, and lakes. Every animal needs water, and the right place to find for one is a place where they go to take water. Find squirrels in areas with a lot of trees since they like climbing trees so much.

3.     Patience

Without patience, you can never be able to hunt squirrels successfully. As a beginner, you need to learn how to be a patient hunter. Without that, the odds are you will not have any success hunting squirrels. Staying still and waiting is what is required without that you will end up going back home empty-handed. If you remain still and calm, squirrels will tend to move close by. Therefore, if you get to a place where you spotted squirrels, you have to stop the movement for a few minutes. Once you are still, these little creatures will come out one by one; that way, you will be able to hunt successfully.

4.     Weather

It is during warm weather that you will be able to hunt squirrels. When the weather is calm and sunny, that is when squirrels will come out. What makes them come out is to hunt for food because they can do that in various places. You can also spot these creatures during the dry weather. But during this time, you need to remain still when hunting because any movement can scare them away. Going squirrel hunting during the cold season will not bear fruits that much. You will not find a lot of squirrels out if it is cold.

5.     Use baits

For many years, any hunter will tell you that they used baits when hunting as beginners. Hence, since you are starting, you can use baits to lure squirrels so that you can capture them successfully. Having the right bait is very important, as well as setting it up correctly. Learn how to bait squirrels without scaring them away. Any corn or nut will undoubtedly attract any squirrel. Once they see such cereals, they will come running, and that will work to your advantage. If you are using nuts as bait, then go for the ones from the tree that way, a squirrel will think that they have just fallen off the tree.

6.     Pair hunting

It wouldn’t hurt to go squirrel hunting as a pair. This would be a perfect idea because two are better than one. This is a viable way of hunting as compared to solo hunting. When squirrels come out in plenty, then the possibility of pursuing them as a pair is high. This also increases the number of squirrels harvested at the end of the hunting experience. When two people hunt, it boosts the chances of success.

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