History of Night Vision

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Night Vision technology has been around for a long time but it has developed so much over the past years that people assume that it is fairly new. This actually originated from World War II. It has been changed and modified to make it the night vision technology that we know today. A lot of people are searching for the best night vision scopes now but it will always be more fun to know where it started. After you are aware of all the details, you can start purchasing the night vision scope that will be perfect for your needs.

The term night vision may refer to having the ability to see at night. Take note that the images that you will see will not be as clear as the images that you will see during day time. Yet, you will be able to make out some shapes and where the shapes are located in the dark.

Generation 0

The first night vision devices can be considered under Generation 0. They were first used by the members of the German Army. The first time that they have used this technology was in 1939 and they made sure that their tanks had this.

While the Germans were busy improving night vision technology, it was also being improved in some other parts of the world. In the United States, they have started using the M1 and M3 infrared sighting devices. They were used in order to snoop on their enemies and to know where their enemies are so that the target can be reached successfully by their snipers.

Generation 1

Night vision technology started to evolve by the time that the Vietnam War started. The items used are still similar to the ones that are introduced during Generation 0 but there were some small improvements that made the items easier to use. The devices were equipped with ambient lighting. This made the objects easier to see.

The magnification of the tools that were introduced during this generation was also intensified. It will be easier for people to see their target even from a certain distance. The only problem is, carrying these tools can be very hard to do. They are rather large and bulky. The enemies were able to spot the tools even from far away.

Generation 2

It is obvious that people are aware that night vision technology has a lot of promise. They have always made the effort to improve on it and make sure that it works for them. This time, there is an improvement with the image-intensifier tube. This has allowed the images that are being shown to become much brighter even in low light environments.

There were also some obvious changes with the image resolution. It was easier to see the images without straining too hard. There was some trouble with using this technology when there was no moon though.

Some further changes were made in order to make the technology usable even when there is no moon. The items were created with better optics, better resolution, and so much more. These newer devices at that time were preferred over the first ones that were released.

Generation 3

The microchannel plate that was introduced for 2nd generation devices were still carried on to generation 3 night vision devices. This time though, the cathode used is already different. The new cathode is very good at improving the image resolution so that the images will be clearer and targets will also be easier to see. The light amplification is also far better as compared to the very first night vision devices that were released.

The main problem that people had with generation III night vision devices is the electrical noise that they made when they were used. This made it harder for people to be just a few feet away from their target because they will easily be heard.

Generation 4

Right now, night vision is considered to be far better as compared to the earlier generations. Dim light will now be enough to provide the image that people would like to see. Thermal imaging has also been introduced in the market. This time, instead of just relying on night vision, it will be easier to see the heat that surrounds various living objects in a darkened area.

For example, a person may use night vision technology in order to go hunting, he will have the option to choose AGM night optics that will provide a clearer view of the target or to get thermal optics will show the body heat that is being released by the target. There are some people who may use both types of technologies because they believe that it can help them with their goals.

How to Purchase the Best Night Vision Scope

Night vision technology is now easily available to people as compared to before when it was only used by those who are in the military. There are just a few things that you have to consider to ensure that you will be making the best choice:

  • Budget – It is ideal to purchase a night vision scope that you can afford.
  • Optic – There are different optics that are available. Read up on the various brand and their capabilities to be sure of what you will get.
  • Battery Life – Do you honestly want to use a scope that cannot be used anymore after a few minutes? Some would last for hours. Also, it is best to choose night vision scopes that can be powered by batteries that you can easily purchase.


Remember all of these details and bask in using the best night vision scope that you can get your hands on right now.

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