Top 5 Best Rifle Scope For Varmint Hunting – Reviews

Best Rifle Scope for Varmint Hunting

Varmint is something most of us have to deal with. A rifle is often the best way to scare them off your property, but without a good scope they’re difficult to hit. That’s why you need the best rifle scope for varmint hunting, as the scope integrated in most rifles are too basic. 

Finding a scope is not a problem as there are literally thousands available. The challenge is figuring out which of those scopes is right for your rifle and goals, i.e. get rid of varmint. 

We have experienced that kind of problem before, which is why we decided to come up with these reviews. The sheer number of options online can be daunting for the first time buyer. 

That is why we went out of our way to ensure that it meets our criteria. We have also added info here too help buyers who aren’t sure how to proceed.

Our Picks


Tasco World Class 1.5-4.5 x 32 mm Riflescope

Score: 4.3  Andrew Garfield

The Tasco World rifle scope is equipped with the SuperCon multi-coated optics, enhancing transmission of light. Even in low light environments you’ll still see the varmint and get a good shot at it.

Along with the HD optics, the scope is also made of durable materials so you can use it for an extended period. The scope is also built with versatility in mind: it is compatible with most rifles as well as shotguns.

A good scope should be easy to adjust and the Tasco World Class is not an exception. The adjustment level is sensitive and precise enough. While the scope is aimed at varmint, it is also a good option for use in the woods and around thick brushes.

The scope magnification level is good, and it does not lose a lot of detail even when zoomed to max. It also has no trouble keeping to zero.


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    The Tasco World Class Scope is equipped with enhanced optics. With these you can sight varmint with greater accuracy.
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    It is constructed from a one inch tube for enhanced durability. They’re also shockproof and suited for regular use.
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    Te scope uses a ProShot reticle instead of the regular one on scopes. It has a circle on the area where it crosses the center for quicker target acquisition.
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    The scope has 1/4 MOA elevation and windage adjustments. Using your fingertips you’ll be able to fine tune the scope.
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    The magnification level is 1.5-4.5x. Paired with its 32 mm objective lens and you have a clearer view of the target.


  • check
    Sharp optics
  • check
  • check
    Clear magnification
  • check
    Easy to adjust
  • check


  • exclamation-triangle
    More suited for beginners than advanced shooters
  • exclamation-triangle
    Reticle isn’t illuminated
  • exclamation-triangle
    Larger than the usual scope

The Tasco World Class Scope is an excellent choice for those who don’t need a high priced, feature packed scope. It’s easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do.

How We Wrote This Review

There are a lot of riflescope reviews online, but as you may have noticed few are reliable. We set ourselves apart by focusing only on the important aspects. 

We also reviewed only the scopes that are built for varmint hunting. We also conducted a lot of research on each scope. We tested each one and took note of its performance, capabilities, the pros and cons. 

We also got feedback from real users who have bought and tried out the scopes. Reviews are essential if you want to get the right scope to get rid of varmint. That’s why we put a lot of effort to include all the pertinent information in each review. 

By taking all of these into account we were able to come up with a review that first timer buyers can depend on. Even seasoned shooters will find some useful information in this review guide.

Benefits of the Best Rifle Scope For Varmint Hunting  

The most important benefit is these scopes are for varmint. These have been developed specifically for taking unpleasant critters out. The way they’ve been put together is ideal for homeowners who need a scope for better aiming and shooting.

These scopes are also versatile. While these are made for hunting varmint, they’re also good enough for use in hunting and target shooting. If you purchase a high quality scope you can expect clear, crisp HD clarity.

These scopes are also made from heavy duty materials. They’re built to last, waterproof and fog proof so you can take out varmint regardless of the weather condition. Many are also compact so it won’t add too much weight on your rifle.

These scopes also come with a lot of unique features that make it stand out from the rest. They provide multiple magnification zoom so you can keep focus on that varmint. 

How We Chose the Top 5

Even if we limit the options to just 5, there are still a lot of scopes for taking out varmint online. To sort them out we set down criteria that the scopes had to meet.

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    Accuracy: varmint are hard to hit, so you need a scope that improves your aim. This is one of the biggest factors we accounted for.
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    Clarity: we made sure the scopes in this guide are waterproof and fog proof.
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    Durability: we also took into consideration its built and longevity so they’ll offer more value for money.
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    Compatibility: the five scopes reviewed here can be mounted on popular rifles so you don’t have to struggle using it.

These are the man factors we took note of when choosing the scopes. We also considered the brand reputation and the experiences of people who have used the varmint scope.

Who Should Buy These Scopes?

These scopes are for the following:

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    Those who have to deal with a lot of varmint in their property.
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    Those who want versatile scopes that can be used in different situations.
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    Those who need a powerful scope that’s going to last.
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    Those who want a varmint hunting scope that can also double up as a target and hunting scope as well.


Usually at the end of reviews, the best product is picked out. However we cannot do that here since all five are equally good. We subjected each to a detailed test and they passed with flying colors.

While all five are suitable for shooting varmints, your needs and budget may be different. That’s why we prepared these reviews so you’ll be able to go over each and pick the one that works for you.

All these scopes are designed to help you get rid of varmint, and they do a good job of it. We often take for granted the scope until we’re unable to take that critter down. That’s why it is crucial that you do some research before buying that scope.

We hope that these reviews have covered the most pertinent information about the best rifle scope for varmint hunting and has been able to help you.

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