Airsoft Gun Basics: How to Adjust Hop-Up

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Airsoft  Gun games have good craze all across the globe as the machine guns used in this game are the perfect replica of original ones.  

Close Quarter Battles (CQB) played with Airsoft machine guns are also the most exciting game. If you want to win the game, you need to be good at basic gun holding and trigger handling skills.

Not only CQB, but all kinds of Airsoft games that are played these days also need excellent maneuver skills and, most importantly Hop up technique. Hop up (High Operation Power Up) is an essential part of every Airsoft replica.  

Almost all of the Airsoft replicas have lightweight are designed based on the original models. In this scenario, the standard Hop-Up unit attached to the machine gun creates a backspin of the BBs, increasing the range and accuracy. Hop-UP works with the phenomenon called a Magnus effect.

About Hop-Up and where to adjust Hop up?

Apart from the technicalities attached behind the operation of Hop-Up, it is essential to adjust the unit as per your convenience. 

Several types of hop-up units are designed based on the type of Airsoft guns and mainly the internal space of the guns. Besides, various designs are aimed at providing various levels of adjustments to the users.

Budget-friendly Guns possess a standard or straightforward Hop-Up system using which the player can tune the Hop amount. Using this, the hop pushed onto BB can be controlled by using a wheel present behind the bolt.  

Apart from this, there is also some advanced hop-up system which enables precise tune-up as per the requirement with a higher diameter on the adjustment wheel.  You can learn the adjustments and the whole basics of Airsoft machine guns through Airsoft Nut. 

 However, there is only one way to set up your replica for the battlefield’s optimum range. You should practice shots in an open and safe place, which is meant to test the rifles. It is best to test your rifle in the Airsoft game field itself. You can fire ten to twenty rounds to ensure a proper adjustment for better accuracy and range. 

How to adjust Hop up?

It is essential to know about the parts included in the Hop-Up unit to adjust it with precision. There are a few essential setups  that one should perform, some of them are 

Hop-UP Rubber

Hop-Up Rubber is found at the end of the barrel and has two primary purposes for controlling the entire unit. 

  • Holding up the entire unit with the barrel.
  • Providing Hop on the BB by touching the Hop into the bulge.
  • Creating an air seal using the bucking lips which are leaning on the air nozzle.

You can find both hard and soft versions based on their durability and performance. Hard versions are durable, but it takes time for providing a better grip.  Soft rubber provides a better grip but is not as durable as the other ones. Airsoft Nut can provide complete information regarding the best options in the market. 

Hop up Nob

Hop up Nob is that essential part which touches the bucking and presses it for backspin. It enables the compression while a BB is passing through, The plastic Nob or harder ones are not suitable as BBs can’t get through them quickly. One should double-check the quality and flexibility of the hop-up while buying the package.

Hop-Up Angles

 Now, as you have a clear idea about the essential parts included in the standard Hop-Up units, you can proceed with the adjustment training. There are several degrees of Hop-up which decides the precision of the machine guns in range and accuracy as well. 

While buying the replica, you can decide whether you want a softer hip with better traction and hard effect on BBS, or else the harder ones, which is highly durable and preferable. But, before buying them, you should keep some points in your mind. They are 

  • A low degree ranges around 50 to 60 degrees and is soft.
  • Medium ranges around 65 to 75 degrees.
  • Hard ranges around 75 to 80 degrees.

Temperature reaction of the Buckings is also one of the significant aspects that you should focus on. This is because softer ones can warm up faster during the game due to the friction caused by fire BBS. However, compound-specific materials can overcome this limitation to a great extent. You can go through the Airsoft Nut website to find such materials.

Steps for Adjustments

  • To Turn up your Hop: – Turn your hop-up up if your BBs’ trajectory is going down. You can do it by looking at the arrow with the word saying “up.”
  • To Turn down your Hop: – The unit should be dialed against the arrow that says “up’ if the BB’s trajectory is going up.
  • Perfect tune: -Repeat those steps and keep on shooting the unit the line is maintained with precision by dialing your unit.
  • Hit your target by setting it to the shorter and longer distance in an itinerary way.

 For more information regarding Airsoft machine guns’ basic functionalities to excel in battles, you can visit Airsoft Nut. 

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