A Beginner’s Guide To Must-Have Accessories For Gun Owners

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Buying your first gun is a thrilling experience, and you will probably want to visit a shooting range or hunting ground right away. But there’s a lot you need to do before you start practicing with your firearm. First things first, you need to know the gun inside out, and going through the manual should be on top of your to-do list. You will also need professional gun training before your first shooting spree. 

While training gives you the skill and confidence to operate a weapon, you are still not ready to hit your first target. You will also need to pick a set of accessories to go ahead safely and confidently. Picking up your first gun is overwhelming enough, and choosing the right accessories can confuse you further. After all, you will want to spend only on the essentials as a starter, but missing out on the necessary gear isn’t a great idea either. Here is a checklist of must-have accessories that you can follow as a first-timer. 


Most obviously, you will need ammunition when you want to start using a gun. Buying ammunition is not as straightforward as it sounds, as you will have to pick an option that complements your firearm. Specific ammo on every firearm design and trying the wrong choice can cause a problem with the weapon and even elevate an accident’s risk. Choosing the correct ammunition in terms of caliber, grain, and bullet type should be your top priority. Your gun dealer will have the right advice, while you can also seek guidance from an expert shooter. Never settle for wrong or substandard ammunition because it can be dangerous. 

Extra magazines

When you are just starting, you may not consider extra magazines to be a necessity. But carrying them along on a shooting spree or hunting trip ensures that you never run out of ammunition. Seasoned shooters always have extra supplies with them because a gun becomes useless the second you finish off with ammo. Having backup supplies with different magazines keeps you happy and engaged outdoors, or you may only end up looking at others having a good time. 

Storage and carry gear

Guns are expensive, and you cannot imagine carrying them around without proper storage and carry gear. Generic duffle bags are not the right pick, even if they are available at hand. It would be best to have specialized gun gear bags crafted for tactical use because they have a padded exterior to keep the weapon safe. These bags also offer handy compartments to store the ammunition and other accessories safely. They are worth the investment because they keep your precious cargo protected even as you hike in rugged terrain. Rifle owners need a well-fitting and comfortable sling, which they can easily carry around through the woods. It would help if you also had a reliable gun safe to store the weapon safely and out of reach at home.

Optics and scopes

If you plan to pursue gun shooting for the long haul, you must invest in optical sighting devices. With some practice, these devices can help you fine-tune your skills and hit the target every time. As a beginner, you can seek guidance while picking the best gun optics and scopes for your weapon. You need not spend a fortune on these devices, but they can help you get much better at the range with a clear sighting of the target. Always invest in one that matches your firearm. Look for the latest technology even if you need to spend a little more.

Eye and ear protection

Whether you plan to practice on a shooting range or try your hand at hunting, it is vital to understand the perils out there. Shooting without eye and ear protection is the last thing you should do. Eye protection keeps your vision safe from shrapnel from ejected shells, so make sure that you never step into the range without shooting glasses. Ear protection protects hearing because the decibel level of gunfire is high enough to cause damage sooner rather than later. Having your earplugs and muffs on is the best defense against the threat. You may have to spend a bit on these accessories, but they make a worthy investment for protecting your vision and hearing.

Gun cleaning supplies 

Newbies may not know the significance of gun cleaning, but it goes a long way in keeping your weapon in top shape over time. Shooting is a great experience, but you need to give your firearm all the care and maintenance it needs after every session. When you fire a gun, Lead and carbon residue are to be deposit on it. Also, firearms are prone to corrosion due to moisture. It would help if you had proper gun cleaning supplies to keep the weapon clean and maintained. A cleaning kit includes gun oil, cleaning patches, wipes, and brushes. Even as you own a cleaning kit, make sure that you know how to use it. Alternatively, you can get it done by an expert professional.

First-aid kit

While you may not consider the first-aid kit as a gun accessory, it is something that no shooting enthusiast should miss while going outdoors. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and help may not be around when you are in the wild. A basic first-aid kit can be a lifesaver when someone gets hurt while shooting or hunting. It would be best to have the essentials like bandages, antiseptic lotions and ointments, painkiller medication, and sprays to cover you for emergencies. More importantly, carry your common sense and presence of mind to avoid mishaps in the first place.

As a first-timer with guns, you may not be able to differentiate between must-have and nice-to-have accessories. But this list has you covered for the basics in the shooting range or hunting ground. Another useful piece of advice for beginners is to never skimp on the quality of firearms and accessories. Quality products bring the assurance of safety and longevity. It makes them a smart investment for new gun owners. 

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